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UW-Whitewater's Newest Master's Program

M.S. Computer Science Program to Begin Fall of 2017

Beginning in the Fall of 2017, the University of Wisconsin Whitewater will be offering a Master of Science in Computer Science program for undergraduates and those already in the workforce, but who want to further their education.UW-Whitewater's industry-oriented M.S Computer Science program will give students in-depth knowledge, technical leadership abilities, critical thinking skills and a better ability to handle interdisciplinary problems. Additionally, the program will help fill the need of computing-related companies throughout southern Wisconsin for high-end software engineers.

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Academic Department Associate Tricia Borchardt says the program will offer multiple pathways for students. Current undergraduate students will be able to participate in the 4+1 program , which allows them to carry over 9 credits to the master's program. Even those who come from another major or are already in the workforce can apply to the program and take computer science courses to meet pre-requisites. International students will be able to complete a 2+2+1 program option which allows them to spend 2 years at an institution in their home country, two years in the undergraduate program at Whitewater and one year in UW-Whitewater's master's program. 

Borchardt says the Computer Science faculty is research based and comes from a wide range of disciplines. In order for them to further their research, they needed more graduate students to assist them. Graduate students can look forward to a project-based curriculum in computer science fields and paid graduate assistantships. Students will have the opportunity to work with industry professionals and regional businesses as well. Students in the undergraduate computer science program or those with adequate professional technical knowledge will be able to complete the M.S Computer Science program in approximately 18 months. The program includes 30 credits of core and emphasis area courses, capstone projects and a curriculum based on the faculty's expertise in human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, computer vision, networking and security and other leading edge computer science fields.  

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The program will bring industrial partners and master's program students together to develop and strengthen relationships. Dr. Hien Nguyen says even students who have a computer science background can be successful in the Master of Science Computer Science program. She says students with experience in other disciplines can bring that knowledge to computer science. Nguyen says students without a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science can catch up in about 2 semesters by taking introductory computer science courses and then can begin their Master's program. Dr. Nguyen says as a former international and non traditional student, Whitewater has a very good program created by faculty who understand what experiences international and non- traditional students need to be successful and will help international students adapt. She says in order for students to be successful in this program they need to be willing to work hard, challenge themselves and to surround themselves with people who will challenge them.

For more information contact Dr. Jiazhen Zhou, Program Director