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Biology: Mammal Skulls and Tracks

Description: Do you know how to track a wolf? Can you tell what an animal eats by its teeth? Do you know why your pet dog listens to you while your cat ignores you? Well come and find the answers to these questions and more. We’ll study the shape of teeth in mammal skulls, find out about pack behavior and learn about animal tracks. We’ll also learn how to make plaster casts of animal track. There are many mammal skulls for you to examine. You’ll get to make a plaster casting of animals track such as a bear, wolf or cougar to take home.

  • Capacity: 20
  • Ages Recommended: 7-12
  • Physical Activity Level: Low
  • Notes of Interest:  We will be making a plaster casts of tracks. Please wear clothing that can get plaster on it.
  • Instructor: George Clokey