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Chemistry: Materials and Energy

In this major, grandparents and grandchildren will work together in the chemistry laboratory to make fun products. You will build a battery and make silly putty, explode gun cotton, create glow sticks, and much more. In these exciting hands-on experiments, you will learn about electrochemistry, polymer chemistry, thermodynamics, equilibrium chemistry, and explore the physical world of chemistry by testing the properties of materials made in the chemistry laboratory.

  • Capacity: 20
  • Ages Recommended: 8-14
  • Physical Activity Level: Low indoor lab activities
  • Notes of Interest:  Campers will be working with acids, bases and corrosive chemicals in the laboratory.  For safety in the laboratory, campers are required to wear long pants, closed toes shoes, and natural fiber clothing (cotton or wool).  Clothing may get stained from the chemicals in the laboratory, so please wear clothing you don't mind getting stained or holes in.  Chemical safety goggles (indirect vent) are required to be worn in the laboratory when working with chemicals.  We will have goggles for you.
  • Instructor: John Ejnik is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at UW-Whitewater where he teaches General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Instrumental Chemistry. He conducts research in the area of Bioinorganic Chemistry and performs chemistry demonstrations as an outreach activity.