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Genetics: Genetics Engineering in Tadpoles (How to make tadpoles make light like a firefly)

Have you ever watched fireflies make light at night? Scientists have figured that out and use that information to make mice, fish, plants, and even bacteria make light like a firefly. In this major, you and your grandparents will investigate how we can genetically engineer bacteria and frogs to make light and how a fertilized egg becomes a frog! We will design and carry out an experiment using our light producing tadpoles to help us answer some amazing scientific questions.

  • Capacity: 24
  • Ages Recommended: 7-14
  • Physical Activity Level: Low
  • Instructor: Kris Curran is a Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences where she teaches Introductory Biology, Cell Biology, and Developmental Biology. She conducts research in the development of circadian rhythm during early frog development.