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07-Jul 9-Jul Volleyball All Skills Session 2 Camp 6/4/21
08-Jul 10-Jul Soccer Boy's High School Camp 5/26/21
10-Jul 15-Jul Tennis: Junior Session Two Camp 5/26/21
10-Jul 14-Jul Gymnastics Session One Camp 6/30/21
11-Jul 13-Jul Volleyball All Skills Session 3 Camp 6/4/21
12-Jul 13-Jul Soccer Boys Youth Camp 5/26/21
13-Jul 17-Jul WFCA South Football All-Stars 5/21/21
14-Jul 15-Jul Soccer Girls Camp 5/26/21
14-Jul 16-Jul Volleyball Position Camp 7/6/21
15-Jul 17-Jul Gymnastics High Performance Camp 7/3/21
17-Jul 22-Jul Tennis: Junior Session Three Camp 5/26/21
17-Jul 21-Jul Gymnastics Session Two Camp 6/30/21
18-Jul 18-Jul CoBE Summer Business Institute 5/26/21
18-Jul 20-Jul Boy's Basketball Offensive Skills Camp 5/26/21
18-Jul 20-Jul Wheelchair CoEd Basketball Clinic | Grades 3-8 5/26/21
18-Jul 21-Jul KEMPA Journalism Kamp 7/3/21
18-Jul 23-Jul Precollege - GAPS  5/26/21
21-Jul 21-Jul CyberHigh 5/21/21
22-Jul 24-Jul Wheelchair CoEd Basketball Clinic | Grades 8-12  5/26/21
24-Jul 29-Jul Tennis: Junior Session Four Camp 5/26/21
24-Jul 28-Jul Gymnastics Session Three Camp 6/30/21
25-Jul 27-Jul Boy's Basketball Fundamental Camp 5/26/21
31-Jul 05-Aug Tennis: Junior Session Five Camp 5/26/21
31-Jul 04-Aug Gymnastics Session Four Camp 6/30/21
04-Aug 05-Aug Basketball | Womens Elite 6/11/21

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Start Date End Date Events Date Added/Updated
13-Jun 15-Jun Boy's Basketball Shooting Workshop 5/26/21
13-Jun 17-Jul Upward Bound Freshman & Sophmores 5/26/21
17-Jun 20-Jun Chatter Matters Camp 5/26/21
18-Jun 20-Jun Tennis: Adult Camp 5/26/21
19-Jun 19-Jun Football Passing Jamboree Clinic Session One 5/26/21
20-Jun 22-Jun Football Youth Camp 5/26/21
20-Jun 24-Jun I want to be a Teacher Camp 5/28/21
20-Jun 25-Jun Precollege STEER 5/26/21
21-Jun 24-Jun Tennis: College Prep 5/26/21
24-Jun 25-Jun Football Perimeter Camp 5/26/21
24-Jun 25-Jun Football Lineman Camp 5/26/21
26-Jun 01-Jul Tennis: Junior Session One Camp 5/26/21
27-Jun 29-Jun Volleyball Girls All Skills Volleyball Camp 6/4/21
27-Jun 01-Jul Upward Bond Juniors & Seniors 5/26/21

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