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Considering grad school? Whether it’s the next step after undergrad or you’re coming back to improve your standing in your field, you need a program that is not just theoretical and discussing what “might work.” You need a program that is hands-on, giving you the skills to apply on the job from day one.

That is what you get at the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. An education you can use to grow your expertise, expand your career options, and increase your lifetime earning potential - all without breaking the bank.

Graduate School Resources

*These programs have additional codes of conduct to follow.  Review specific programs handbook for their official policy.  The appeal process begins at section 7 of Program Code of Conduct document.

Why Grad School at UW-Whitewater?

  • Many of our programs feature in-person teaching
  • Small class sizes means a low student-to-teacher ratio and more teacher/student interaction
  • More affordable than most while maintaining the highest level of educational quality
  • Location, location, location
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UW-Whitewater Grad School expertise

Dive deeply into your passions to become the expert in the room

UW-Whitewater Graduate School earning potential

Increase your earning potential and career trajectory

UW-Whitewater Grad School prepare to change careers

Prepare to change careers

UW-W Grad School higher education

Prepare for a career in higher education or research

How Much Will It Cost and How Will I Pay For It?

At UW-Whitewater, we pride ourselves in offering high quality education at affordable prices. Since each program and situation is different, we encourage you to estimate your cost of attending using our online calculator.

In addition to affordable prices, we offer financial assistance options so that you are able to spend your time focused on your education. The two primary forms of financial assistance for graduate school that we offer are Graduate Assistantships. You can find out about these and other assistance options here.

How Do I Apply?

It’s easy to assume that you could get lost in the process of application and be seen as just another number. And, at some institutions, that may be the case; but not at UW-Whitewater. Here, we work with you to make sure you are admitted and on your path to success quickly and easily. This is not an automated process. A living, breathing member of our staff will review your application to ensure the best fit.

You can begin the admissions process here »

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We look forward to meeting you!

Our Graduate School Faculty

Our faculty are committed to mentoring, challenging, and supporting you throughout your program - whether it be at the master's, educational specialist, or doctoral levels. The graduate faculty you will work with have distinguished themselves as a unique blend of accomplished and widely-published scholars and knowledgeable, well-connected professionals who know what works in the field.

Meet our Graduate School faculty »

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