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Advising on Study Abroad

Students frequently cite support and encouragement from faculty and academic advisors as influencing their decision to study abroad.  Likewise, assistance from faculty and advisors during the study abroad application process is valuable to students in selecting a program and coursework that fits with their academic goals, so the Center for Global Education (CGE) provides the following online resources for faculty and staff on advising for study abroad.

The Role of the Center for Global Education

The Center for Global Education assists students before, during, and after their education abroad experience.  Pre-departure, the CGE advises students on:

  • Program types and options, and strategies for selecting programs that fit the individual student's academic goals and personal interests.
  • Eligibility, application procedures, financial matters, and other logistical matters.
  • How to go about seeking approval for coursework to be taken abroad.

The Role of Colleges, Departments, and Academic Advisors

 In addition to receiving advising from the CGE, students interested in studying abroad are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor to discuss how education abroad will fit into their academic plan.  Academic advisors are also encouraged to ask students about their interest in studying abroad in routine advising meetings. All students who are preparing to participate on an education abroad program involving taking courses at host institution abroad are also required to obtain approval/equivalencies for these courses as part of their application process.

Academic Advisor Meetings

Academic advisors whose advisees have requested a meeting regarding study abroad plans may wish to request that students bring the following items to their advising appointment:

  • A list of the courses offered at the institution abroad that are of academic and personal interest to the student
  • A copy of the student's AAR
  • A list of any questions or concerns that the student may have

During this meeting, academic advisors may wish to discuss with advisees:

  • How this experience fits into the student's progress toward degree completion.
  • The courses students hope to take abroad, and which courses may help students fulfill degree requirements at UW-Whitewater (i.e. major, minor, general education, or elective).  Please note that, in most cases, the academic advisor may not be the individual responsible for officially approving study abroad coursework (see information about the course approval process below).
  • How the timing of the study abroad experience (e.g. studying abroad as a sophomore vs. as a junior) may affect the courses that student should take and progress toward degree completion
  • What courses the student may wish to take upon their return to UW-Whitewater (if the student will be abroad during the normal "advising" period) The Office of Global Experiences maintains a list of previously approved course equivalencies, which can serve as a helpful guide to students, faculty, and advisors.

Course Approval Process

Students participating in an education abroad program for which they will be taking credits at a host university abroad are required to obtain approval for their proposed study abroad coursework prior to leaving UW-Whitewater to begin their program.  Depending on the student's program type, they will do so by completing either a "Transfer Credit Agreement" or a "Course Equivalency Form." Except in the case of a study abroad program offering a standard curriculum to all participants (e.g. ), students are strongly advised to seek approval for twice the number of credits that they actually plan to take abroad, in case of course cancellations, schedule conflicts, etc. The majority of study abroad coursework can been approved by the following individuals:

Students are expected to get their courses approved before departure and to let CGE know of changes to their schedule after the program begins. Please note that for certain programs or specialized courses students may need to work with individual department chairs or other designated faculty members for course approval.  If department chairs require additional information (e.g. course syllabi, contact hours, recommended credit conversion, etc.) or guidance to approve course equivalencies, please contact a Study Abroad Coordinator.

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