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Apply for Global Experiences

Steps to apply

  1. Attend a Global Pathways Advising Session
  2. Conduct additional research and determine goals.
  3. Select a program and locate it in our program search
  4. In the program search section, click "Apply Now". This will be located within the program brochure for your program and will include an application checklist.
  5. Complete each step in the application checklist. There are typically three types of documents required:
    • Signature Documents, such as a Code of Conduct, that you read and electronically "sign" online.
    • Applicant Questionnaires, such as Emergency Contact Information, that you complete and submit online.
    • Additional Application Steps, such as Academic Approval or submission of additional hard-copy application materials, which you and/or the Office of Global Experiences staff must complete before your application will be considered complete and ready for review. Read the instructions of each Additional Application Step for further information.

Click here to see a sample application.

Logging back into your account

To continue working on an application that you have already started, click here or visit our homepage to access the login page.  UW-Whitewater students should use their UW-Whitewater Net-ID and password to log in, while non-UW-Whitewater students should use the login credentials that they created when they applied.  If you experience any problems logging in, please email or call 262-472-5759.

Application deadlines

Program deadlines generally fall during the semester preceding the program start date. Our programs typically follow the below deadlines. However, for exact up-to-date application deadlines, please refer to the Deadlines page or individual program information pages in the program search.

Program Term Typical Application Deadline (Check the Deadlines Page for exact date)
Fall Travel Study First Friday of Fall Semester
Winterim First Friday in October
Spring Travel Study First Friday in December
Summer First Friday of Spring Semester

Program Term Typical Application Deadline (Check the Deadlines Page for exact date)
Fall Semester April 1
Spring Semester October 15

Program Term Typical Application Deadline (Check the Deadlines Page for exact date)
Academic Year (Fall + Spring) March 15
Fall Semester March 15
Winterim October 1
Spring Semester October 1
Calendar Year (Spring + Fall) October 1
Summer March 15

Program Term Typical Application Deadline
(Check the Deadlines Page for exact date)
Academic Year (Fall + Spring) April 1
Fall Semester April 1
Winterim October 15
Spring Semester October 15
Calendar Year (Spring + Fall) October 15
Summer April 1

Online applications close at 11:59 pm on the deadline date, and any documents required in hard copy must be submitted to the Office of Global Experiences by 4:30 pm on the deadline date.  Early submission is encouraged!


If you decide to withdraw from your global experiences program, you must officially notify the Office of Global Experiences.  The process to officially withdraw for a program depends on what application phase your online application is in:  

Application Phase How to Withdraw
Pending Log into your online application and click the "Withdraw" button on your applicant home page.
Accepted Log into your online application and click into the program from which you wish to withdraw.  Under the "Commitment to Participate" section, select "Decline."
Committed If your application is in the "committed" phase, you are not able to withdraw your application online.  Instead, you must send an email to the Office of Global Experiences ( clearly stating that you are withdrawing from the program.

If you have also made an application with a program provider, other UW campus, or host university, you must also notify them of your withdrawal. 

Please note that if you withdraw from a program, you may still be responsible for certain non-refundable fees.  For full information, please refer to the Refund Policy page.

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