Study Abroad

Why Go Abroad?

Education abroad will help you succeed. You will:

Develop new perspectives

You will experience different cultural perspectives in the classroom and through daily interactions with host families, local peers, and others in the community and in some cases make lifelong international connections.  Students return with a more nuanced understanding of the world and even their own culture.

Improve Foreign Language Skills

While you can study a number of foreign languages at UW-Whitewater, practicing your language skills in a real-world setting while studying abroad is a vital step towards true proficiency. A non-English-speaking country is the ultimate "language lab."

Grow Personally, Professionally and Academically

Students who return from abroad consistently report that they developed a greater sense of independence, adaptability and confidence in their capabilities.

Develop valuable professional skills

Studying abroad sets you apart from other students on resumes and grad school applications. Employers and professionals recognize you have enhanced critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, flexibility, and an ability to work effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and see things from multiple perspectives.

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