Financial Information

Financial Aid Department:

UW-Whitewater’s Financial Aid Department is available to provide support and assistance to you throughout your time here. Please refer to their website for more information.


Almost all of the textbooks that you’ll use at UW-Whitewater are rented through the Textbook Rental program, as the costs of the textbooks are included in your tuition cost. There are very few books that you will need to purchase.


Many of our students utilize the TEACH scholarship program. Whether you participated in the program during your associate degree program or not, you may be eligible while perusing your bachelor’s degree. Please refer to the WECA website for more information.

Student Teaching:

If you are planning to pursue your teaching licenses, you will complete one semester of full time student teaching. This is usually completed during your last semester in the program. While student teaching, we advise that you do not attempt to work outside the placement. You will be working as a full time teacher with the same responsibilities and time commitments. Planning ahead for this is crucial! One option to consider is applying for a teaching internship rather than traditional student teaching. Please refer to the Office of Field Experience’s website for information about internships.

Test Requirements:

If you are planning to pursue your teaching licenses, you will need to take several assessments including the Praxis CORE, Praxis II, Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Exam, and the EdTPA. These assessments each require different fees. Please refer to the COEPS website for more information regarding these tests.


UW-Whitewater employs students in a variety of capacities around campus, including the UW-W Children’s Center. Information regarding jobs on campus, as well as other employers who advertise to our students, is available on Hawk Jobs.

Contact Information:

Program Coordinator: Anne Tillett

Phone: 262-472-1833