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Language & Literature

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Elena Levy-Navarro
Department Chair & Professor
Phone: 262-472-5047
Location: Laurentide Hall 3110
Pilar Melero
Language & Literature Professor
Phone: 262-472-3173
Location: Laurentide Hall 3106
Elizabeth Lamb
Academic Department Associate
Phone: 262-472-1036
Location: Laurentide Hall 3112

English Education

Teaching reading, writing, and thinking to young adults may be one of the most powerful ways to affect the world we live in today--and into the future.  If you love reading all kinds of books--old and new, great literature and beach books, graphic novels and creative nonfiction, poetry and essays, biographies and fan fiction--just imagine a career in which you spend your days exploring and discussing these texts with others. Are you a clear and expressive writer? Can you communicate your ideas and beliefs precisely, even elegantly?  Then you may be good at teaching others how to handle this valuable tool in today's economy where communication is so crucial.  And what better way to encourage critical thinking than to give someone a juicy book to chew on and thrash out the major themes among peers?


Become an English teacher and seize your chance to change the world!

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