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Warhawks Day of Caring
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Day of Caring Messages from our Warhawk family

During times of stress/uncertainty, I crochet. I took all my extra yarn recently and created 100+ washcloths, which I am donating to The Community Space. I’m proud to be a Warhawk, and look forward to experiencing our “new normal” in the fall!
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S=Servant Leaders

Kate K, Whitewater, WI, Warhawk Faculty/Staff

"Better to be busy than to be busy worrying," actress Angela Lansbury is quoted to have said. Because, author Vivian Greene explained, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain." Or as Sting sings, "When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around." I enjoyed every second of my college experience at UW-Whitewater. I wish everyone a healthy & safe Warhawks Day of Caring! We all will get through this together, as one big Warhawk Family. #BLEEDPURPLE #WARHAWKS4LIFE

Amber J '14, Chicago, IL, Warhawk Alumni

College was the best years of my early adulthood that I refer to as the foundation of who I am today. It’s not about how I started, it’s about how I finished! Use this time of uncertainty to really focus (regroup if you need to) on how you will finish! You write your own story, don’t let COVID-19 be the author!

Quiana T '11, Milwaukee, WI, Warhawk Alumni

In this time of extreme uncertainty, rapid changes, and unprecedented cancellations, it can feel like all is hopeless. Remember--"Hope will not be canceled!" Stay well knowing we'll get through this time together.

Dr. Pauli, Edgerton, WI, Warhawk Faculty/Staff

Be safe, be strong! #WeAreWarhawks

Deborah M '79, New Jersey, Warhawk Alumni

Graduating with a BBA in Finance in 1973 allowed me to enjoy a 42-year career with American Family Insurance. This was more than a job to me; it was a calling. I was able to advance within AmFam as it expanded from 1,200 employees to around 10,000 employees. My Insurance career helped me support my family, with help from my elementary teacher wife Gwen. American Family has always supported employees giving back to the community by providing time off to do volunteer work and encouraging employees to volunteer outside of work hours. UW - Whitewater provided me with a great education and active campus life that gave me the opportunity to enjoy my insurance career and volunteer activities. Enjoy being a Warhawk alumnus.

Jeff K '73, Madison, WI, Warhawk Alumni

I have a bachelors in Special Education(Learning Disabilities/Emotional Behavioral Disorders). I work at a daycare based within a Catholic school in Milwaukee. We Warhawk’s will get through this crisis together. Congratulations to 2020 graduates!

Julie B '90, Milwaukee, WI, Warahawk Alumni

Students and faculty, this semester has been disrupted through no fault of your own. Disappointment, frustration, sadness and even anger are all emotions you must be dealing with. But life marches on and you will go forward, so do it with pride and determination and faith in God! He has a plan for your life and this crisis will not thwart it! God bless!

Kendra M '73, Lake Geneva, WI, Warhawk Alumni

We are embarking on the uncharted territory... as a Warhawk alum and the parent of a current student, I know you will thrive as Warhawks always have. Stay safe...be strong...you have lots of support. Warhawk Strong has never been more true today!

Michelle L '97, Slinger, WI, Warhawk Alumni, Parent

We Are Warhawks
We Are In This Together
We Are So Fortunate
We Are Family
We Are Warhawks

ET R ’67, ’70, ’74, Fairbanks, AK, Warhawk Alumni, Faculty

Thank you to Whitewater Student Government for creating a transparent and resourceful environment for students during this difficult time. I am forever grateful for WSG portraying the needs and wants of students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for representing our community with integrity and determination!

Catherine S, Janesville, WI, Warhawk Student

I'm wishing all of our students the best this semester. It's definitely not what any of us envisioned, but we will get through it together. Do your best, focus on self-care, and don't hesitate to reach out for help if you need it!

Becky J '09, Whitewater, WI, Warhawk Alumni, Faculty/Staff

I am a graduate of the online Early Childhood Program (ECE4U). At the end of 2019, I retired from teaching young children and am beginning the rest of my life as a contemplative Carmelite nun. The skills I learned as a student and working as a teacher of young children have transferred smoothly. My message is this: rely on the Lord, continue helping others - from a distance - never lose hope. We will all get through this together. I am praying for everyone during this pandemic each and every day.

Catherine B '14, Hudson, WI, Warhawk Alumni

I am a Magna Cum Laude Warhawk Alumni, Class of May 1976. I am currently enjoying total retirement with my spouse Avie and our dog Dixie. I must say that my education and experience supported me immensely over the course of the years at higher institutions of learning which led to a comfortable and successful life. Warhawks continue your studies in earnest and your future will definitely be to your benefit as life progresses. You only receive out of life what you put into it. I am the living proof of this statement. Respectfully, Semper Fidelis

Francisco O '76, Rockledge, FL, Warhawk Alumni

I graduated from Whitewater in 1972, and have been working in public secondary schools since then (1972-2008 as a teacher in Wauwatosa, 2009-present as special ed. aide at Whitnall and New Berlin.) After 47 years, I am still missing working face to face with my students; virtual learning just isn't the same!

Gary N '72, West Allis, WI, Warhawk Alumni

Working every day from home until I can return to my normal workplace office environment. Wishing yourselves and your family members a safe and healthy outcome during these current times.

Tim S '91, Appleton, WI, Warhawk Alumni

Hang in their fellow Warhawks - we can get through this! Stay home, stay safe and be kind to people! #bleedpurple

Sheri S '94, Oshkosh, WI, Warhawk Alumni

I would like to extend a jubilant CONGRATULATIONS to all students who are graduating in May. What a challenging time we are in, yet you have risen to the challenge and completed a very important milestone in your lives. You have much to be proud of! I would like to extend a special CONGRATULATIONS to our Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work graduates; we are so very proud of you and excited to see the change that you will bring to the world with your skills, knowledge, and values. Great work!

Kristi W, Sun Prairie, WI, Warhawk Faculty/Staff

My beloved father, who grew up during the Great Depression and served in the Army Air Corps during World War II (he even participated in D-Day), frequently told me when things were looking down, "This too shall pass." Those words are a comfort to me now. My father died seven years ago, but I will remember his words always.

Cheryl K '79, Knoxville, TN, Warhawk Alumni

We don't know what we can do until we try. It is so inspiring to see our students face this current situation head-on and make the quick adjustments necessary to keep on track with their work and education. This is not how we envisioned this spring playing out but as we work together to overcome the obstacles before us and move from this challenge- oh what stories we'll have to tell. Go Warhawks!

Heather D, Fort Atkinson, WI, Warhawk Faculty/Staff

This virus is not forever, but my UW-W friends ARE! I’ve heard from friends from across the country - “are you ok?” We’ve reconnected by sharing remembered times, stories of kindness and helpful hints for “flabby Friday” (jeans again?) and how to make a mask from socks. On tough days, like magic, there is someone there to make me smile. #WarhawkFriendsForever.

Sandy D '79, Milwaukee, WI, Warhawk Alumni

This is a trying time in so many ways, but it is also providing opportunities that seem to have gotten lost in our hustle and bustle world. I have been inspired by the quality time I have witnessed. People taking advantage of the opportunity to be together. Spouses, parents and children, brothers and sisters, roommates, friends - walking, talking, hiking, biking, gardening, smiling, laughing, joking, caring, playing soccer, volleyball and catch, learning to ride a bike, group video chatting and the list goes on. People connecting and reconnecting in healthy, positive, productive ways!

Lauree M '88, Whitewater, WI, Warhawk Alumni, Parent, Faculty/Staff

UW-Whitewater staff, students and alumni are stepping up to keep the UW-Whitewater Warhawk Pride alive and well during this health crisis. I have a great appreciation for everyone making this effort a success. I am especially grateful to the students who have worked with me and who are graduating next month. You know who you are. May your future endeavors be as rewarding.

Karen B, Sullivan, WI, Warhawk Faculty/Staff

Congratulations Warhawks! You did it! Time to go make a difference! Time to make a positive impact! Time to change your world and those around you with your attitude, your effort and your generosity! Your new world awaits but please don't forget the experiences you've created and relationships you've developed at UW-Whitewater! Especially in times like these, one day you'll look back and realize how important these days, months and years at UW-Whitewater were. Warhawks on three... ready...one...two...three! Warhawks!!!!!!!

Chris F '91, Troy, MI, Warhawk Alumni

“To whom much is given. Much is required.” You have been given a great education through one of the finest institutions in the country. Take your knowledge and experiences out into the world to make a difference. Make your presence known and always leave your mark. Congratulations UW-Whitewater graduating class of 2020! Go Warhawks!

Tyra M '97, Milwaukee, WI, Warhawk Alumni

Congratulations to the class of 2020!!! Even though things look different from what you expected, go out and make your mark on the world. Be Passionate, Be Kind, Be Understanding, and Be Loving. But most of all remember you can make a change in this world. Don't be scared to speak your truth and stand on those things that you believe in. Take care and God Bless!

Cydney M '89, Milwaukee, WI, Warhawk Alumni

The year I graduated was the year of the Old Main Fire. Documents, records, libraries, personal property, equipment and classrooms were lost overnight. We Music Major Seniors were devastated viewing the carnage the next morning. This attitude did not last. My fellow students, University Professors, University Staff and communities pulled together to rebuild. We recovered and were stronger for it. That event and our current battle with this virus cannot be compared, but the resilience with which we can respond and help one another is the same. You are strong, you are wise, you are educated, you are compassionate and you are part of a community that will support and defend one another. This will see you through. Be patient. Stay safe.

Dale J '70, Fontana, WI, Warhawk Alumni

I'm inspired daily by the kindness and resilience I see my students demonstrate. Keep being awesome Warhawks!

Denise R '03, Fresno, CA & Milwaukee, WI, Warhawk Alumni, Faculty/Staff

Students, Graduates, Faculty, Alum: We have not been here before, but we shall persevere. Stay well. Stay strong. Warhawk Pride prevails.

PM '68, Sullivan, WI, Warhawk Alumni


Karla E '98, Milwaukee, WI, Warhawk Alumni

It's been a disruptive semester. This is way worse than when the boiler at the power plant blew up in 2008 and there was no hot water on campus for days. All current students and staff should feel so proud of all the changes to the academic and overall life they've had to overcome. That being said, there's still so much every Warhawk can do to help in this crisis... please make every effort to stay home as much as you can. Give food, money or PPE if you can. Call, text, IM, facetime, zoom, etc. a fellow Warhawk you haven't chatted with in a while and take this opportunity to catch up with them. This is all Willie important. Stay safe! #WeAreWarhawks

Kurt M '08, Milwaukee, WI, Warhawk Alumni

I just wanted the staff and faculty to know that the education I received while a student at UW-Whitewater has opened my eyes and has made me the person I am today! I look at life and situations differently with integrity and diplomacy! All of my professors, especially Political Science, have left an indelible mark on my soul. I will always cherish the years I spent at UW-Whitewater! We are living today with fear and chaos and we look for leadership from our politicians but not finding the truth and justice that should occur! My message to the students today is to stay optimistic and enjoy the view that we are different but need to agree on common grounds! Practice acts of kindness and wash your hands. Stay the distance and this chaos will soon end!

Carmen P '92, Muskego, WI, Warhawk Alumni

I received an excellent education at UW-Whitewater and made wonderful friends. As a member of Tri Sigma, I learned valuable skills about getting along with others and people management. How to use your talents to benefit others. I pray that all Warhawks stay safe and use their talents to help others. God bless us all.

Barbara M '67, Green Bay, WI, Warhawk Alumni

Be strong and courageous. The school has molded and shaped you to be a leader in all situations. Remain positive, stay focused and know that you can make a difference. Be safe and stay healthy. God Bless.

Thomas B '74, Manchester, MD, Warhawk Alumni

I completed my time as a Warhawk student thirty years ago, but the Warhawk experience lives with me every day. When I think of my time at UW-Whitewater and my experiences during my outreach campus visits, I'm struck by the grit, tenacity and capabilities that live deep within each student. I've been through a number of world events over the past thirty years including 9/11, the GFC and now COVID-19. Know this - time will pass, the pendulum will revert and we will prevail. Dig deep, be gritty and press forward.

Pete G '90, Minneapolis, MN, Warhawk Alumni

None of us could have prepared for the stay safe at home orders we are all under. While we experience this novel way of life, we can reflect on our personal impact, including the depth to which we consider each other, and those we do not know but now respect for their choice of occupation. This era will be something we pass on to our children and grandchildren in stories. Let the stories include how our characters were strengthened by this "stretch assignment" and what we no longer take for granted. For the graduating seniors, you have earned your graduation and the unique conclusion to your college careers. The class of 2020 will be remembered for your forced transition to fully online programs. Congratulations to you all!

Sally B '81, Hudson, WI, Warhawk Alumni

As a 2016 BBA Alumni & now current MBA student, I #BLEEDPURPLE!
I also work for a company that #BLEEDSPURPLE with over half of our staff being UW-Whitewater graduates at Vrakas CPAs + Advisors.
How is Vrakas helping our community during the COVID-19 Pandemic? Vrakas has been supporting small businesses by ordering lunch for our employees still working in the office! We are able to help support restaurants in our community during this uncertain time and keep our employees well-fed :) A win-win!

Kayla K '16, Pewaukee, WI, Warhawk Student, Alumni

This is definitely not how I imagined my last semester of college would look. I know that I can speak for other seniors when I say this situation is challenging, confusing, and emotionally draining. That said, it is apparent that this Warhawk community has worked harder than ever to persevere in our new reality, and it is remarkable! Thank you to the professors that have made the amazingly quick transition to online learning. Thank you to staff that have expressed their true concern and understanding for students. Thank you to my parents for keeping my spirits high as I continue job searching in this mess. Thank you to my friends that continue to keep a positive attitude. We will get through this!

Payton J, Sun Prairie, WI, Warhawk Student

I take this opportunity to wish Everyone in the Community, Be Safe and Well. It is a difficult period that the pandemic has disrupted our lives both at work and at home. We should take this as an opportunity for us to re-connect with our families by spending quality time at home with them. This is a 'break' from our usual momentum but it could also provide us a time to reflect and adjust for the better. May all of you be Well and Happy! Best Wishes.

Tuan Pang Tay '85, Singapore, Warhawk Alumni

I was a student who by my own admission didn’t work very hard in school. However, with playing college baseball as a carrot for me to get good grades I did persevere. Living on my own and balancing the demands of playing a college sport and maintaining grades to stay eligible “toughened” me up. With all of us staying together, we can do this. Thank you UW-Whitewater and thank you USA!

Pete R '83, Grafton, WI, Warhawk Alumni

I am
You are
We are Warhawks!

Ken H '71 & '78,  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Warhawk Alumni

All of you at UW-Whitewater now or from earlier, it makes me proud of being an Alumni of UW-W. Best to you in the coming years. Semper Fi

Tom M '72, Whippany, NJ, Warhawk Art Department Alumni

Hang in there! We will all be together soon.

Jane M '95, Whitewater, WI, Warhawk Alumni, Faculty/Staff

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!! You guys have worked so hard to complete your degrees over the past few years. These last weeks of the semester are not as you planned, but you have prepared yourself for challenges greater than this. You are Warhawk Strong! You are graduating, even if the ceremony looks a little different this year. Watch out world, the class of 2020 is about to make some waves. Remember as UW-Whitewater alumni, You are Always a Warhawk!!

Amy O '90, Oak Creek, WI, Warhawk Alumni, Faculty/Staff

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