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I understand that the contract is an academic year contract.

Contract Cancellations (PRIOR TO CHECKING INTO THE RESIDENCE HALLS) must be submitted in Step 16 and include your ID#, full name, term, and reason for cancellation.

Contract Releases (AFTER CHECKING INTO THE RESIDENCE HALLS) are only granted to students at the end of the fall semester for students that are and must be submitted on Student Portal.

  1. Graduating at semester
  2. Studying abroad for spring semester
  3. Have an internship outside of the area for spring semester
  4. Transferring schools for spring semester
  5. Withdrawing from school and not attending for the spring semester
  6. Have had a change of circumstances that the student did not know about when the student signed the contract that would warrant a release from the contract. Additional supporting documentation may be required for a release under these circumstances.

To submit a deposit form, please click through the application. No Need to print deposits. If you currently do not have a housing deposit on file, University Housing will add a deposit to match the term you are applying for. Incoming New and Transfer students must submit a signed deposit page and deposit payment to Goodhue Hall.

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The mission of University Housing is to provide quality, accessible housing and to promote student learning and personal success in an inclusive, engaging community.

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