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Remote Access (VPN)

What is "VPN"?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables you, while off campus, to connect securely to campus resources that are not otherwise available through a web browser. Since the campus' network infrastructure is protected from internet viruses and worm attacks by a firewall, VPN solution is necessary to gain access to specific campus resources, such as network storage, while maintaining the security of the system for both users and the network. UW-Whitewater enables VPN access using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Software. VPN securely encrypts data transmissions from your computer to the campus network. A valid campus net-id and password are required to gain access.

Accessing most campus enterprise technology services, such as Email, calendar, the UW-Whitewater web site, WINS, and other web-based services does not require the use of the VPN.

VPN on your campus laptop

Cisco AnyConnect is the VPN tool used by UW-Whitewater.  All university-owned laptops come with AnyConnect pre-installed. If you need help accessing or installing AnyConnect VPN, please consult the training/documentation page. 

The following documents apply to UW-Whitewater students, faculty, or staff members that require access to University resources while off-campus:

When do I need to use the VPN? VPN Use Guide Matrix (PDF)

Install AnyConnect VPN Client

Access Network Storage Off-Campus with VPN