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About Tableau

Tableau software is a business intelligence data visualization tool that allows users to interact with data through dynamic and interactive dashboards, maps, and other presentation formats. For more information about the software, visit

Currently, UW-W has contracted with UW System for the use of Tableau Server as a means for the institutional research function to provide secure institution-wide data and self-service capabilities for the campus community.  For more information visit: UW System Tableau Server.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tableau

Access to university dashboards requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA is defined as the use of a special onetime password (OTP) authentication generated from an approved hardware fob or smartphone application, in addition to their campus credentials. This change is a result of UW System Administrative Policy 1030 regarding Information Security.

  • If you already use MFA due to your work within WINS, HRS and SFS, you should have no problem continuing to access the dashboards.
  • If you need to set up MFA access, UW-W employees must contact Human Resources and Diversity to request credentialing assistance. 

Internal dashboards are not accessible to students.

Development of Tableau Dashboards requires the purchase of a Tableau Software Desktop License. A license can be purchased through AE Business Solutions. Visit the KB information page for Tableau purchasing and support to get started. 

UW System employees can receive a discount on the regular higher education price of Tableau Desktop and related products (Tableau Prep) by following the steps below. UW students can get a free license for educational use directly from Tableau.

To obtain the UW discount, email AE Business Solutions (AEBS) at and request a quote. Let them know that you’re employed by the University of Wisconsin and will be paying with UW funds. Include this information for each user: First Name, Last Name, Email ending in .edu, Phone Number, Job Title, Department Name, Street Address 1, Street Address 2, City, State, Zip Code. Once you’ve received the quote, call AEBS at (608) 395-2919 to order. You may pay with your pro card or inquire about other methods of payment. For support on an existing Tableau Desktop account, email

To learn how to use Tableau Desktop, visit Tableau’s free training resources. You can also join or start a Tableau User Group in your area.

Product Description

Tableau Public

A free publishing site

This free publishing site allows the user to publish interactive data visualizations to the Tableau Public server.  All work is saved and published to the Tableau Public web servers and owned by Tableau.

The data you access/share/publish is your responsibility. Please be aware that publishing or sharing data with Tableau requires adherence to data policies that govern the data source you are using. Data that is sensitive or restricted should never be shared in a public manner with visualizations. Tableau's data policy is available here.

How to Use -Free to anyone. If you want to get started with Tableau and can share your visualizations publicly, this is a great option.

Tableau Server 

Securely share data visualizations

This product allows the sharing of visualizations created with Tableau Desktop with specific authorized users within the organization. 

How to Use - Currently publishing activity is limited to the Office of Institutional Research and Planning, which has an institution-wide service role in providing data for decision making. Publishing rights across the institution may be considered in future phases of the implementation.

Tableau offers a full suite of tutorial videos, access to community forums and a comprehensive knowledge base, as well as live topical webinars and an annual conference.


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