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Student Diversity, Engagement and Success (SDES) offers many opportunities for students to become engaged across the UW-Whitewater campus. Click the link below to view our brochure and learn about the many programs SDES offers to students.

SDES Brochure (Coming Soon)

The Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Grant (LUMRG) aims to increase the retention rate of underrepresented students by providing them with a series of higher education opportunities while reducing the burden of student debt. The award is renewable, applicants must reapply every year to receive the aid. The LUMRG is an incentive-based award.  In order to receive the grant, students must complete an application and meet all 10 qualifications listed on the LUMRG website linked below.

    The LUMRG is awarded based off applicant's cumulative GPA:

    GPA Award
    3.00 - 4.00  $3,000
    2.75 - 2.99 $2,500
    2.00 - 2.74 $2,000

    Click here to learn more about the Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retentoin Grant

    Lawton Grant es un programa desarrollado para ayudar financieramente a estudiantes minoritarios. Nuestro objetivo es mejorar las oportunidades de retención y graduación de los estudiantes, y disminuir la carga de la deuda estudiantil.


    3.00 - 4.00 $3,000
    2.75 - 2.99 $2,500
    2.00 - 2.74 $2,000

        * Premio por año académico

    Premios disponibles para astudiantes de segundo, tercer y cuarto año, al igual que estudiantes en línea y estudiantes transferidos con 24 créditos o más.

    Sitio web de Lawton Grant >>>

    SDES provides many opportunities for studetn to recieve financial assistance to help them focus on their education. The following are all available scholarships with SDES.

    • Advanced Opportunity Grant (AOP)
    • Evelyn Bronson Scholarship
    • Jabez Scholarship
    • Markus J. Watts Scholarship
    • Paul T. Spraggins, Jr. Scholarship
    • Chancellor Jack Miller Scholarship
    • John E. Ebbott Scholarship
    • Martha V. Ortiz Scholarship
    • Tillman Terry, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
    • King/Chávez Scholars Program
    • Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Grant
    • McGregory-Gibson Scholarship
    • Elizabeth S. Ogunsola Scholarship
    • Student Diversity, Engagement and Success Scholarship

    Click here to view details for each of the scholarships

    The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program realizes the value of diversity among researchers and scholars in academia. It aims to prepare undergraduate students who have demonstrated strong academic potential for the rigor of doctoral studies. Through its participants engaging in research and other high impact educational practices, the McNair program intends to diversify the professoriate and other research-intensive careers. 

    A central feature of the program is the mentoring provided by UW-Whitewater faculty, where each scholar receives guidance in working on an undergraduate research project, as well as regular contact with a professional role model during their first summer and academic year. Scholars participate in a research internship during their second summer at a university, regional or national research center. This program promotes:

    • Research and scholarly activities
    • Enrollment in graduate programs
    • Continued enrollment in graduate programs
    • Doctoral degree attainment

    Click here to learn more about McNair Scholars

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