Warhawk Alley
Student bowling in Warhawk Alley

Make a Reservation

Enjoy bowling, billiards, ping pong and video games via the Rec Sports app! Book your bowling lane, billiards table, ping pong or video game time slot today!

  • Use the Rec Sports app for impressive real-time reservations ~ Will guarantee your spot is ready for you!
  • How many bowling lanes should I book?
    • 1-5 bowlers = 1 lane/1 time slot
    • 6-10 bowlers = 2 lanes/2 time slots

  • No more than 3 time slots can be booked by one person or group
    • Groups of 16 or more: Call (262) 472-5681 for group bookings

  • All Student Organizations and Campus Departments must book their event directly through Warhawk Alley by emailing WarhawkAlley@uww.edu or calling (262) 472-5681

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Step 1: Select NetworkRec Sports app icon with Warhawk head

  • Go to the menu in the upper left (three lines)
  • Select "University Center-Warhawk Alley"

Step 2: Reserve

  • Go to Reservations
  • Select date
  • Pick activity and time
  • Select "Join Session"
    • Cannot book a reservation during the current hour

Step 3: Confirm

  • Guest will receive confirmation:
    • via app
    • via email

Step 4: Arrive up to 5 minutes early to check in at the front desk!

Step 5: Have fun and relieve some stress!


Not in the Warhawk Alley network? Follow these steps:

Add the University Center-Warhawk Alley Network

  • Click on "Discover" in the bottom bar
  • Click on "Network"
  • Type in "University Center" and click "search"
  • Click "Join"

Reserve the Lanes for your Event or Party 

*For groups of 10 or more:

As Warhawk Alley is a student-fee funded facility, we prioritize open recreation and student organization/group reservations.  Warhawk Alley will do our best to offer a variety of walk-up time slots along with group reservation times.

  • Recognized UW-W Student Organizations or Groups may book up to 4 lanes, per hour for FREE, during Peak Times and up to 7 lanes during Non-Peak Times. 
  • Groups booking more than 4 lanes during a peak time, or more than 7 lanes during a non-peak time may be charged a small fee of $15.00 per hour. This fee covers additional staffing for your event and guarantees your reservation time.
  • To avoid additional fees, we recommend booking during Non-Peak times (Option 1) as listed below.

Warhawk Alley Reservation Options: Option 1 (Non-Peak) and Option 2 (Peak):

Non-Peak Days and Times (Option 1) Peak Days and Times (Option 2)
Up to 7 Lanes or 40 People Up to 4 Lanes or 20 People
Monday-Wednesday: 6:00-8:00 pm Thursday-Saturday: 6:00-8:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 1:00-4:00 pm
$15 Fee/Hour for Reserving Additional Lanes $15 Fee/Hour for Reserving Additional Lanes

* Billiards tables can be added to the reservation at no cost.

* Reservations can be booked up to two hours.

* All reservations are first come-first served.

Groups of 10 or more please coordinate a reservation directly with Warhawk Alley by emailing WarhawkAlley@uww.edu or calling (262) 472-5681

  • $16.00 per lane, per hour (includes shoe rental) 
  • $2.50 per game and $1.50 per person for shoe rental 
  • Access 7 lanes, 5 billiards tables, 1 ping pong table and video games
    • $130 for 1 hour
    • $250 for 2 hours
    • Yard games available for an additional $25

Are you an RA? If yes, then take advantage of Warhawk Alley's Floor Program! Until December 13, 2023, bring your floor to Warhawk Alley for FREE bowling! Fill out the form below to select which dates/times you're interested in.


  • Mondays after 5:00 pm
  • Tuesdays after 6:30 pm
  • Wednesdays after 7:00 pm
  • Thursdays after 6:30 pm