Warhawk Alley
Student bowling in Warhawk Alley

Book a Time Slot

Enjoy bowling, billiards, ping pong and more via the UW-W app! New this year: Book your bowling lane, billiards table or ping pong time slot today!

  • Impressive real-time reservations ~ Will guarantee your location is sanitized and ready for you!
  • Interested in contactless payment? Fantastic! We accept Purple Points.
  • Can I bowl in my own shoes? Absolutely! Check out our new “Bowling Buddies” shoe covers.
  • Please reserve one (1) lane for up to two (2) people, and reserve two (2) lanes for up to four (4) people.

Step 1: Search

  • Go to the menu in the upper left
  • Select "Campus Map"
  • Search Warhawk Alley (upper right icon) and select location

Step 2: Book

  • Find "Book"
  • Select a reservation spot
  • Select a date
  • Pick a time
  • Select "Book"
  • Reservations will be in real time
  • Cannot book a reservation during the current hour

Step 3: Confirm

  • Guest will receive confirmation:
    • via App
    • via Email
    • on Dashboard

Step 4: Arrive up to 5 minutes early to check in at the front desk!

Step 5: Have fun and relieve some stress!