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Substance Abuse Counselor in Training (SACIT)

All bachelor level students at UW-Whitewater are eligible for a SACIT certificate (our school certificate* See note below for clarification). The classes required for the SACIT can be found here.


*These are the courses for the certificate at UW-Whitewater. The program is an approved as a Pre-Certification education program through the State of Wisconsin Substance Abuse Counselor in Training credential; however, you must officially apply with the Department of Safety and Professional Services in order to say you have this credential at the state level. Please refer to

To enroll in the certificate program, applicants must be a UW-Whitewater undergraduate student. Not currently a UW-Whitewater Student, no problem, click here to apply or become a special undergraduate student. 

Contact Information

Dr. Sarah Hessenhauer
Professor of Social Work and MSW Program Coordinator
College of Letters and Sciences
Laurentide 5201
Phone: (262)-472-1203