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Brian Bentel

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Brian Bentel attended the University of Wyoming and Texas A&M University, earning a Sociology doctorate at the latter in 1999. He was a professor of sociology at East Central University in Oklahoma starting in 1999. In 2010 he chose to give up that career to live closer to family in Wisconsin and give his wife the opportunity to take a faculty position at UW Whitewater. Since that time, Brian has worked as a lecturer for UWW, teaching courses for the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice. So far he has taught Sociological Principles, Social Problems, Individual and Society, and Social Theory.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys writing novels, plays, and movie scripts, some of which have been produced. He is also a musician, and for about two years worked professionally as the lead singer of a blues and classic rock band that performed all over the state of Oklahoma and north Texas. Currently he is the lead singer of Everyday Kings, an alternative rock band out of Milwaukee, and Titan Fun Key, a classic rock band composed of UWW professors.

Brian’s scholarly work has centered around a theoretical exploration of the relationship between our primitive human brain and the postmodern society to which this brain must adapt.  From this starting point he has presented and published work on the subjects of religion, politics, morality, values, identity, and individualism. Brian is also fond of applying classical sociological theory to contemporary social phenomena, often synthesizing such time-tested ideas with biological approaches like evolutionary psychology. He lives in Whitewater with his wife and their daughter.