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Contact Information

Loren Wilbers
Department Chair & Associate Professor
Phone: 262-472-1407
Location: Laurentide Hall 2110
Leda Kanellakou
Master Advisor & Professor
Phone: 262-472-1125
Location: Laurentide Hall 2116
Joan Fox-Drake
Department Associate
Phone: 262-472-1133
Location: Laurentide Hall 2112

Sociology, Criminology & Anthropology

The Department of Sociology, Criminology and Anthropology offers a variety of programs that link coursework in the social sciences to students' career-related objectives and also prepares students to enter post-graduate programs in a variety of professions such as law, criminal justice, urban planning, public health, social work, and university teaching and research. 


All of the courses offered by the Department are taught by the faculty; there are no teaching assistants. In addition to their commitment to teaching, faculty are actively engaged in research and publication in their areas of specialization. This scholarly activity further enhances students' classroom experience by focusing on cutting-edge contemporary issues.

Hands-on Learning

Students are encouraged to engage in undergraduate research in collaboration with or under the supervision of faculty. Students also have the opportunity to present their research at annual meetings of scholarly associations. Some faculty also offer a service learning component to their courses, and some frequently offer travel-study opportunities that allow students to combine academic learning with experiential learning through faculty-led group travel outside the United States.

Student Organizations

Membership in the Student Sociology and Anthropology Association allows students to share and discuss their academic experiences and career goals with other students. Members also conduct fundraising socials and participate in community service projects. The Department also inducts students into the local chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, an international sociology honor society.

Honors Program

The Department has developed an honors track to enhance the preparation of academically strong students for professional or graduate school.

Obituary. May 5, 2016.

Long-time department members, Professors Emeritus Richard Salem and Ronald Berger (UW-Whitewater) remember their dear friend and colleague, Charles "Tuck" Green III who passed away on April 19, 2016.