Information Technology Services

Media Production

The Learning Technology Center (LTC) offers video recording and media production services. Video and audio can be recorded in our professional studio or on location at campus venues.

The LTC Studio provides instructors with the staff, flexible space, and equipment (including professional-grade cameras, lighting, and audio tools) to produce high-quality recordings.


Media Production Features

  • The LTC Studio has a Newtek Tricaster to provide the latest and greatest video production tools.
  • Green and blue screens are available to maximize our ability to create realtime special effects.
  • Teleprompters are available for scripted presentations and notes.
  • Expert LTC Student Media Technicians are available to record and process your videos.
  • Kleerboard is available to provide a whiteboard like experience within a high quality recording.

Getting started with Media Production

The LTC Studio is available for use by all areas of campus. Usage fees may apply.

Course Material Used
at UW-Whitewater

Non-Course Material
Used at UW-Whitewater

Standard Studio Usage

Who can use this services? UW-Whitewater Instructors UW-Whitewater Instructors,
Staff and Organizations
Studio Use
(McGraw 120)
No Fee $30/hour Coming Soon!
On Location Recording
(UW-Whitewater Main Campus)
No Fee $50/hour (per camera) Not Available

The LTC Studio was designed and built from the ground up to be a flexible recording space for instructional material. Appointments must be scheduled using the Scheduling Form. Usage Fees may apply.

The studio space offers 4 different canvas backgrounds that can be used during the recording. 

LTC Studio - Green Screen Example
Green Screen (Chroma Key)

LTC Studio - Blue Screen Example
Blue Screen (Chroma Key)

LTC Studio - Golden Harvest Example
Golden Harvest (Canvas)

LTC Studio - Gelation Example
Gelation (Canvas)

The back wall of the studio is also painted Chroma Key green for more immersive video recording setups.

The lighting grid was designed to be flexible, and allow for a variety of lighting angles. We use LED lights that allow us to adjust the brightness and color temperature.

We have teleprompter that is mounted right to the camera, so your eyes are always looking in the right location. The teleprompter accepts Microsoft Word and text documents. The speed is controlled by our recording technician and can be adjusted on the fly to meet your presentation style.

The KleerBoard is a transparent acrylic-glass board. We are able to simulate a whiteboard experience on camera for your recordings. It allows you to easily walk through problems and sketch out scenarios in real time.

View from the Camera of the KleerBoard

Final view of recorded KleerBoard content

We use HD and 4k Canon Camcorders with our Newtek Tricaster. This allows us to record high quality HD video and do on-the-fly chroma key applications. Using this technology, we are able to greatly speed up the delivery time of the final product.

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