About UW-Whitewater


Faculty Senate
The Faculty Senate is the body to which all faculty committees except the Organization Committee and the Elections Committee report. Its membership, functions, and organization are prescribed in Article VI of the Faculty Constitution.
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Academic Staff Assembly
The Academic Staff Assembly is an elected body that represents UW-Whitewater instructional and non-instructional academic staff. The Assembly has primary responsibility for formulation and review of relevant policies and procedures and shall be represented in the development of all policies and procedures concerning academic staff members, including academic staff personnel matters.
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Classified Staff Advisory Council
The Classified Staff Advisory Council is an elected group representing all classified staff, limited term and project appointment employees. In an advisory capacity to the Chancellor and other University administrators,the Council strives to facilitate communication, encourage involvement and promote active participation in the University decision-making process.
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Whitewater Student Government (WSG)
The Whitewater Student Government aims to provide quality service to its students by evaluating issues or problems while working together as an organization to discover effective solutions. The members of WSG are dedicated to seeking out student input and continuing to work on enhancing the experiences of UW-Whitewater students.
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