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Driver Authorization

All Drivers must be authorized by the UW- Whitewater Risk Management and Safety Office.

Verify driver authorization. If the name you are searching for is not on the list, please contact Human Resources at 262-472-1024 or via email hr@uww.edu. If you are not an authorized driver during the time of your reservation, you will not be reimbursed financially for the cost of your rental vehicle.  

How to Reserve a Vehicle: Getting Started

  1. If you need to reserve a minivan for local travel (within 200 miles roundtrip), please check with the Transportation Office to find out if a UWW fleet minivan is available before entering your reservation request.  

    (262) 472-6739 

    If a UWW fleet minivan is available to enter your reservation request.  
    Use your Net ID and password to log in. 

    UWW Fleet minivans are $30 per day plus $.45 per mile


  2. Enterprise Reservations - If you need help making an Enterprise reservation, please contact Alma Ramirez, UWSA Regional Travel Manager (aramirez@uwsa.edu).

    For delivery to campus or large vehicle rentals (including minivans), please contact the Janesville Enterprise Office directly at (608)758-7100.    For Enterprise rates and additional information, please see the policies.

Enterprise Janesville Contact Information

(608) 758-7100 
Office Hours 
Monday-Friday: 7:30am-6:0pm 
Saturday: 9am-12pm 
Sunday: Closed   

Transportation Office Contact Information

(262) 472-6739
500 N. Fremont Whitewater, WI 53190   

Office Hours 
Monday-Friday: 7am-3:00pm 
Saturday-Sunday: Closed