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UW-Whitewater Parking Services greatly appreciates everyone's assistance in the following campus parking regulations, policies and procedures.  These rules ensure maximum parking is available to our campus community, and help maintain safety.  We enforce these policies through citations, and fine amounts are based on how severely an infraction inconveniences other motorists.   We are happy to answer any questions you may have, so please contact us at (262) 472-1011 or via email.

Parking is enforced 24/7 except for University recognized holidays (see FAQ section for the list of Holidays) and starting at 5 pm Friday's until 11 pm Sunday's. Parking reserves the right to close lots when needed for events or for snow plowing.

Vehicles parked in violation of University parking regulations are subject to the following fines:

Parking anywhere on campus during hours of regulation (11 pm Sunday to 5 pm Friday) requires the purchase of a permit before a vehicle is parked.    UW-Whitewater has moved to a "virtual parking permit" system in which no physical permit is displayed.  This means you must register your license plate as your permit to be valid to park on campus to avoid parking tickets.  
  1. No Permit First Offense is $25
  2. No Permit second offense is $50
Motorcycles/Mopeds must also register license plate in order to park on campus and must park in designated cycle areas only.
If you receive a No Permit citation and you purchase a valid permit within five (5) days of the issue date, the most current No Permit citation maybe waived.  
Vehicle license plates must be registered to your "virtual" permit that is how parking rights are validated; this includes motorcycles and mopeds.   If you forget to update your vehicle plate information, this type of citation will be issued.
If you receive a ticket for this violation, you will be unable to appeal this type of violation as you agreed to the terms of service to have permit properly displayed.
It is the vehicle owner's responsibility to ensure the license plate of the vehicle parked on campus is readable.  This means the paint is not chipped or scratched off which would cause the LPR camera equipment to not be able to read the plate.
Reserved spaces in resident parking lots are reserved at all times and resident (yellow) parking permits are not valid in these spaces.   If the space has a sign, it is reserved.   Do not park there. 
Reserved parking stalls are available in commuter parking lots 12, 13, 14, and Hyer.   These spaces are reserved at all times.  If the space has a sign, it is reserved.  Do not park there.    
There are a limited number of reserved spaces in each area, so assignment is based on availability. 
Requesting Reserved Parking:  We recommend that you contact Parking Services to inquire about the availability of reserved parking.   That contact will give us an opportunity to discuss your needs and describe where spaces are available.
(Violations include:  Closed Lot, Winter Parking, Yellow Curb, Service Stall, etc)
Parking is prohibited at all times on University walkways and any area not specifically designed as a parking area.  Parking is also prohibited where it creates a safety hazard, interferes with use of university facilities, interferes with pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or where it violates any provision of Wisconsin Statutes. 346.52 or 346.53. 
Parking on campus sidewalks or areas not designated as a parking area is prohibited unless prior authorization is received by UW-W Police Department.
Special circumstances (move-in, special events, etc) may present the need to close parking lots.  This citation is issued if a vehicle is parked in a closed lot.
Not parked within striped stall markings in a paved lot is considered improper parking.   Students and Staff are cautioned to carefully observe where and how they park.   If the space isn't striped as a parking space do not  park there.   The entire vehicle must be parked within the valid parking space.   If any part of the vehicle projects beyond the edge of the valid parking area, the vehicle is illegally parked.

Parking on campus requires you to register a vehicle to a "virtual" permit.   Students who purchase on-campus residence hall parking permits (yell0w), remember these permits lot number specific that match the entrance signs and are valid in only that specific numbered lot.  If your permit does not coincide with appropriate lot, do not park there otherwise this type of citation will be issued.
Parking in these spaces requires you to download the AMP Parking App to your smartphone in order to pay for the time parked in these designated spaces.    There are several spaces located throughout campus for paid short term parking.   Parking in these spaces past the required time limit or not paying the fee, an overtime/expired time limit ticket will be issued.   (Maximum time limit for all zones is 2 hours; except for lot 11 which has a 4 hour maximum time limit)
Pay by the hour permits are available for purchase at the kiosk located behind the Visitor Center in the service drive.  These permits are not valid to park in the AMP metered spaces.
There is no overnight parking in any commuter parking lots or campus streets between the hours of 2 am to 5 am.   Commuter parking permits are not for overnight parking.   Any student with a commuter (orange or brown) parking permit or any student without a resident (yellow) parking permit must obtain an overnight parking permit from Parking Services or from the parking permit kiosk located in the service drive behind the Visitor Center.  

Resident students with resident parking permits should remain parked in their designated parking lot. 
Students traveling for athletic events, school sponsored events, etc. must obtain their own parking permit from Parking Services.
A previously issued ticket cannot be displayed on a vehicle when it is parked at a later time and/or in a different location.    Leaving an empty ticket envelope on the vehicle's windshield is also considered being dishonest.  
Display of a previously issued ticket is considered prima facie evidence of intent to park illegally through deception.  
Display of a previous citation, while a vehicle is parked illegally, will result in issue of a "fraudulent display" ticket in addition to any action taken to sanction the vehicle's current parking violation.
UW-Whitewater faculty/staff, students, and visitors must have purchase a current/valid UW-Whitewater parking permit in addition to the state issued disability placard or disabled license plates in order to park in campus disabled spaces.

Vehicles must be parked with the license plate visible to the drive lane.  This means you cannot back in or pull through the parking stall with the nose of your vehicle being visible with no license plate otherwise this citation will be issued.

Parking on campus requires a vehicle to have a current/valid license plate since UW-Whitewater has moved to LPR ( License Plate Recognition).  If a vehicle does not have a license plate, this citation will be issued.

Parking on University campus requires the purchase of a permit.  Permits can associate up to two (2) vehicles/license plates but only one (1) of those vehicles may be present at a time on campus.  If vehicles that are listed on one (1) permit are found on campus during the same time frame, this type of citation will be issued.  
A parking permit is the designated university identification card for authorized use of parking facilities. The permit is the property of UW-Whitewater and is provided for the use of a specific customer under the restrictions and guidelines outlined in the permit use agreement.   Resale, unauthorized transfer, use by a non-registered user, duplication, alteration, or misrepresentation is a violation under UWS Ch. 18 and 943.20 (1) (a), Wis. State Statutes.   Sanctions for misuse of a permit include fines authorized under Ch. 18 and revocation of parking privileges.  

If you are a visitor to campus and receive a "No Permit" ticket, call Parking Services at 262-472-1011 for possible reductions.

The Traffic Violation and Registration Program of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation will be used to suspend the registration of one or all vehicles owned when citations and penalties issued by the University to the vehicle owner remain unpaid.

Vehicles with 3 or more unpaid tickets are subject to being towed or booted at the owner/operator's expense.

Payment of Fines

  1. Make payment by scanning the QR code at the bottom of the ticket.
  2. Make a payment online.  
  3. Make a payment by bringing payment and ticket to Parking Services, located in the Visitor Center, 826 W. Starin Road.
  4. By mailing the ticket (postage required) to the address on the back of the ticket.  Include your name, license plate, and ticket number with payments.

Make checks payable to: UW-Whitewater. Please note that UW-Whitewater is not responsible for cash or checks sent via U.S. Mail.

Any ticket that has been paid will not be refunded.  If you have questions regarding the ticket and fee(s), you will need to contact Parking Services prior to making any payment. 

Not sure what is your total balance due for parking tickets? Use the Citation Balance Due Form to find out! **Caution** UW-Whitewater has not entered into any agreement with any agent for the payment or collection of parking fines by credit card or other means over the web. Paying Your Parking Ticket Video

Parking Ticket Appeal

A parking ticket appeal should address only the issues related to the ticket.  

The appeal process is not a forum for submitting parking complaints.   

Complaints and/or suggestions should be submitted to Parking Services at 826 W. Starin Rd, Whitewater, WI 53190 or by email at

The operator of a vehicle may file an appeal if they believe the ticket was issued in error. The appeal must be submitted online within five (5) days from the date of the ticket at Aimsparking. There will be a $10.00 filing fee assessed to an appeal that is denied. For appeals that are granted, there will not be an additional fee assessed.  The appeal process can take up to 3-4 weeks for review and processing. Tickets that have been reduced by Parking Office and then an appeal is submitted afterwards,  that reduction is removed and the ticket goes back to original fee. Below is a summary of the appeals policy, to read the full policy click here: appeals policy After five (5) days, you lose your right to appeal the ticket unless there were extenuating circumstances; (example: medical). In these circumstances, contact Parking Services by email at The following circumstances are not considered to be a valid basis for an appeal:

  • Lack of legal parking space
  • Lack of convenient parking space
  • Time constraints; you were late
  • Time constraints; it took longer than you anticipated
  • Lack of funds to pay the fine
  • Failure to observe clearly posted restrictions or regulations

Note: If your vehicle is unattended, it is parked. Four-way flashers are for warning other motorists that your vehicle may be a hazard.   Having your flashers on does not allow you to park illegally, for any time period.

Many yellow curb areas are for emergency vehicle access.   Unattended vehicles left in these areas constitute significant risk for others, and will not be allowed. Failure to observe clearly posted restrictions or ignorance of University Parking Regulations is not considered a valid basis for an appeal for any established student, faculty or staff.   Persons who purchase a parking permit agree to and must comply with University Parking Regulations. 

If you receive a ticket for failure to update license plate,  you will be unable to appeal this type of violation as you agreed to the terms of service to ensure you have properly registered vehicle to permit.  Since License Plate Recognition (LPR), your license plate is the way of verifying the vehicle has a valid permit.

The Parking Services office is located in the Visitor Center building at 826 W. Starin Road.   Business office hours are Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to  4:30 p.m.   Contact us at (262) 472-1011 or e-mail us at