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Fitness & Aquatics Leadership Team

Warhawk Fitness & Aqautics is a proud division of Recreation Sports & Facilities. It takes a dedicated team of professional and student staff to execute the many programs and services we offer. Please take a moment to meet our team and don't be afraid to stop by and say hi if any of these individuals are working while you join us in all the fun!

Do you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or feedback? Please let us know; we are happy to facilitate a positive overall experience!

Warhawk Fitness & Aquatics
Jen Kaina, Assistant Director
100 Williams Center

Meet the Team

Jen Kaina »

Assistant Director, Fitness & Aquatics

Lucas Hines »

Co-Weight Room Student Manager

Makenna Lauterbach »

Co-Weight Room Student Manager

Cooper Vance »

University Fitness Student Manager

Ann Konop »

Co-Group Fitness Student Manager

Katie Castoro »

Co-Group Fitness Student Manager

Makayla Kawleski-Thoma »

Co-Head Lifeguard

Megan Groen »

Co-Head Lifeguard

Brett Ebbers »

Program Assistant

Tatum Esser »

Program Assistant

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