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The Office of Recreation Sports and Facilities provides facilities, programs, and services that address all physical, recreational, and leisure pursuits of the University communities. Emphasis is placed on participation, increasing knowledge of wellness and physical fitness, and promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Our many programs and services are designed with our valued campus and communities in-mind! Whether recreational, competitive or social in-nature, we truly believe we have something for anyone's interests! We invite you to explore our sites to see how we can help enhance your overall UW-Whitewater experience! We are also happy to assist with recreational programming at the Rock County campus!

Although functional via smartphones, it is recommended this site be viewed via desktop, lap top or tablet.
For optimal phone access to Rec Sports content, consider downloading the FREE UW-W Rec Sports app.


Student fitness memberships are included in seg fees. Fitness memberships may be claimed for the 2023-24 academic year beginning Friday, September 1 2023. Memberships must be claimed by completing the membership claim Google form by signing in with your UWW NetID and password. Only students should be accessing this form.

Students returning from 2022-23: use the 22-23 membership until September 1, when a new membership claim form must be completed.

New students: claim your membership starting September 1. If you wish to use the fitness facilities prior to September 1, the appropriate pass must be purchased from Williams Center Room 100.

Information may be found on our memberships site here.


Intramural Sports activities are now 100% included in student seg fees. No additional entry fees are intended to be charged/applied at this time (lone exception would be our golf tournament, played off-campus).

View the Intramural Sports Activity Schedule here!

Programs & Services

Rec Sports Information

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The UW-W Rec Sports app places most programs and services at your fingertips! A product of IMLeagues, LLC, the app conveniently combines the informational features of our website with the functionality of IMLeagues for Intramural Sports operations and a multitude of reservations. Although your IMLeagues credentials are required to log in, the app also eliminates some of the time it takes to click around the desktop version of IMLeagues to find what it is you are looking for. We hope to receive your 5-star reviews, however we also welcome your suggestions & feedback as we usher in a new era of Rec Sports at UW-Whitewater!

More information coming soon - We're excited to partner with University Housing and the Dean of Students Office to open the campus Esports gaming lab this fall! Located in the basement of Wells Hall next to University Fitness, the gaming lab features many desktop gaming stations, compatible with many games and platforms. For more information on the gaming lab, we invite you to check out the UW-Whitewater Media Arts and Game Development Program on Facebook!

Rec Sports also has an Esports Club that reports to the Club Sports program. More information can be found on the Club Sports website.

Many Rec Sports operations take place in or around the Williams Center, located on the north end of campus. Rec Sports also offers programs and services in Wells Hall (University Fitness) and the Roseman Gym (Wheelchair Athletics, Intramural Sports, Club Sports). University parking rules and regulations must be followed at all times. Certain exceptions may apply at the discretion of Parking Services and UW-W Police.

The Office of Recreation Sports & Facilities does not sell parking permits and is not responsible for any tickets/violations for parking violations. Parking inquiries must be made with UW-Whitewater Visitor & Parking Services.

UW-Whitewater Visitor & Parking Services Information >>

Nearest Lots
Williams Center: 9, 11 and 24 (parking FAQ for lots 11 and 24 here)
University Fitness/Wells Hall: 19, 19 and 20
Roseman Gym: 12, 13 and 14

Williams Center Physical Address:
907 W. Schwager Drive
Whitewater, WI 53190

Other Parking Resources
Campus Map
Parking for use of the "Gym"
Map and Directions to Campus

Please do not park on or near any ramps on the north side of the building without consent from the Office of Recreation Sports and Facilities, Parking Services and/or UW-Whitewater Campus Police.

All members cannot leave personal items around facilities. Members are encouraged to use the cubbies provided in specific areas for storage of smaller items. If anyone wishes to change their clothing, shower, store larger/personal items, they are welcome to do so by using general locker room areas in the Williams Center. Lockers are available to claim at no additional cost. Locks are not provided by Rec Sports and must be provided by individual members. To claim a locker, simply bring your lock and claim and open locker. Please be advised some lockers and/or banks of lockers may be reserved.

Locker sizes:
In most cases, available lockers have similar size. Lockers varying in size may also be available.
Large Lockers: 5 feet tall, 11 inches wide, 14 inches depth (with a smaller shelve available not counting against height)
Small Lockers: 3 feet tall, 11 inches wide, 14 inches depth

Rec Sports is not responsible for items lost, damaged or stolen. There are two lost and found areas in the Williams Center: in Room 100 and in the Equipment Room.

Coming Soon

If you have a question/concern about something not addressed is this section, we invite you to visit program area sites within the Rec Sports website or to download the FREE UW-W Rec Sports app. You can also contact us using the GREEN "Contact Rec Sports" button in the lower right corner of your screen.

The online membership form is connected to the UW-Whitewater network. In order to access, please log in via your UW-W NetID and password. If you are signed in to your browser using any other type of credentials (i.e. personal Google account), you will not be granted access to the form and you will need to sign out of any applicable browser and/or site.

Not at this time. The online form is for processing membership requests for UW-Whitewater students paying segregated university fees only. Non fee-paying students are considered community members. Community members must purchase a membership in-person in Williams Center Room 100. The online form is also not accessible for faculty/staff members, who would also need to fill out a membership request/contract in Room 100.

Equipment rental, Kachel Fieldhouse/open gym access, racquetball courts, the swimming pool, the disc golf course and outdoor fields can be used at no additional cost to students, faculty and staff.

In order to gain access to equipment rental, the Kachel Fieldhouse/open gyms, racquetball courts and swimming pool, community members need to have an applicable membership. Outdoor fields and the disc golf course can be used without a membership as long as fields are open & not in use under a Rec Sports reservation.

Hawk Cards and community membership cards must be presented to staff in order to access equipment rental, the Kachel Fieldhouse and swimming pool. No exceptions. 

Check Field Status Here

Students, faculty and staff members who forget their Hawk Card may utilize the "Forgotten ID Pass" once per semester. This pass, obtainable by stopping by the front desk in Williams Center Room 100, grants one-time access to programs and services without the use of your Hawk Card. Once a forgotten ID pass is used for a semester, a day pass of $5.00 must be purchased. This applies for Intramural Sports as well. Forgotten ID passes are not distributed at outdoor fields or in the Roseman Gym. University Fitness does distribute forgotten ID passes.

Community members may also utilize a forgotten ID pass once per semester. The same policies apply once a forgotten ID pass has been used.

Lost your Hawk Card? Hawk Card Office information accessible here
Lost your Community Membership Card? Purchase a replacement for $5.00 from Williams Center Room 100

Yes! Personal equipment and attire items (i.e. sweatshirts, backpacks and shoes) are traditionally turned in to our Equipment Room. Valuables (jewelry, electronic devices, headphones, keys, etc.) are traditionally turned in to The Office of Recreation Sports & Facilities, Williams Center Room 100. A lost & found is also available at University Fitness (basement of Wells Hall). If our staff does not have your item in Lost & Found, we recommend contacting Campus Police. Campus also has a general lost & found area located at the information desk in the University Center.

To claim your item(s), you may be asked to provide a description of what you're missing and/or proof of identification.

UW-Whitewater and the Office of Recreation Sports & Facilities are not responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged during your time in/around our facilities, programs and services.

Credit cards may not be used to pay for Rec Sports programs and services. Payment options for in-person membership purchases include cash, check, purple points or student billing. Faculty/staff members may use payroll deduction. Intramural Sports registrations can be paid online via a credit card, however. Club Sports member dues are not collected by our office; please contact your club's officer team for specific information.

A no-fee ATM is located on the second level of the Williams Center by the Sideline Cafe.

Although our office proudly works with Intercollegiate Athletics to manage athletic facilities, ticketing operations are managed specifically thru the Intercollegiate Athletics office and not thru Rec Sports. Ticket information can be accessed on the site here. We recommend calling Intercollegiate Athletics at 262-472-4661 with questions or concerns related to ticketing, as our staff may not be in the best position to assist you with your inquiries.

Students, faculty and staff can log in to campus wifi with their UW-Whitewater NetID and password.

Guests not affiliated with camps can access the campus guest network. Information on how to do this can be found on the UW-Whitewater IT Services webpage.

Looking to get some work done? A dining/community gathering space is located in the lobby of the second level of the Williams Center by the Sideline Cafe. The space is great for breakfast/lunch/dinner, studying and relaxing! Plenty of outlets are located around this space for your connections!

Any currently-enrolled student, faculty or staff member may participate in the program. There may be some circumstances in-which an individual comes up as ineligible in our system. If that is ever the case, please contact us and we’ll work with you to find a solution. Please be advised there may be some situations in-which someone may not be eligible.

Alumni, family members, campus visitors, community members, etc. who are not classified as current students, faculty or staff members are not permitted to participate in Intramural Sports as the program does receive funding from segregated fees.

All members must be on a team roster and present a valid UW-Whitewater ID when prompted in order to check in.

Details can be found on the Intramural Sports FAQ site, linked here.

Currently enrolled students, faculty and staff are eligible to participate in Club Sports. There are no GPA requirements to being placed on a club's roster.

Alumni and community members are eligible to participate on a club team, however certain circumstances may apply. Students, faculty and staff will receive the first opportunity to use club resources and SUF-allocated fees will not be used on alumni or community members without receiving necessary authorization from campus personnel.

Regardless of classification, all participating members of Club Sports must have a Member Information & Waiver form on-file PRIOR to participating. Contact for questions, concerns or more information.

Rec Sports does not offer swim lessons thru our department, however the facility happily hosts the J-Hawk Aquatic Club. This club facilitates all swim lessons and swim-related events for the City of Whitewater and surrounding communities. Please direct inquiries to J-Hawk management.

J-Hawk Aquatic Club Website linked here

Yes and yes!

Rec Sports proudly partners with our colleagues at the Rock County campus to provide recreational opportunities. Currently, Rec Sports oversees open gym programs in the Wells Cultural Center where you can rent equipment, use locker room facilities and use the fitness center! Select tournaments and events are also planned at various points throughout the academic year. Other equipment items (i.e. yard games) are available to rent at no cost to members of the campus community.

Members of the Rock County campus community are also eligible to participate in any Rec Sports programs and services offered on the main campus. Rec Sports does not, however, offer a ride share program at this time.

All camps on the UW-Whitewater campus are facilitated thru the Continuing Education Department. Visit the Camps & Conferences program online here. If you wish to contact someone from a camp affiliated with Intercollegiate Athletics, we invite you to visit the Intercollegiate Athletics staff directory here. Wheelchair Basketball camp information can be addressed to AJ Messmer or Christina Schwab.

The Office of Recreation Sports & Facilities oversees daily operations of the following spaces (in no particular order):

  • Williams Center (classrooms, dance studio, gymnasiums, pool, weight room)
  • Kachel Fieldhouse
  • University Fitness (located in the basement of Wells Hall)
  • Roseman Gymnasium
  • Outdoor Club & Intramural Fields
  • Sand Volleyball Pits
  • Outdoor Basketball Court (Williams Center location)
  • Disc Golf Course
  • Coulthart Family Pavilion
  • Lawcon Facility
  • Outdoor Athletic Fields & Stadiums (in collaboration with Intercollegiate Athletics)

Facilities may be reserved by contacting Therese Kennedy at Select reservation forms are also available on our Facilities website. Reservations may involved fees for non-student organizations and other reservation fee circumstances may apply.

We appreciate your interest in having an event in our facilities! All facilities are shared spaces and fill rather quickly. We encourage you to connect with Therese as soon as you have event details or as soon as you know you would like to use some of our space(s).

Does your event need officials (i.e. referees)? If so, we also encourage you ask about Intramural Sports officials. Our officials are trained under WIAA specifications and receive ongoing development/evaluation from our certified staff. If you would like to learn more about our officiating program for an event that is either on campus or in the Whitewater area, contact Matt Schneider at or While we cannot guarantee officials' availability, we would love to learn more about how we could both help you and develop young officials. Thank you!

The Williams Center is the home to the Sideline Cafe, located on the second level of the facility. The Sideline Cafe is managed by University Dining and also is where concessions may be purchased during select athletic events. A small concession stand is located by Russell Arena, which is also used during select events. Various vending machines are located throughout the building for food and beverage options.

A dining/community gathering space is located in the lobby of the second level of the Williams Center by the Sideline Cafe. The space is great for breakfast/lunch/dinner, studying and relaxing!

Please be advised that although food and beverage options are available in the Williams Center, food and beverage rules apply for classrooms, gyms and the Kachel Fieldhouse. We kindly ask all food and beverage be consumed in common spaces outside of the areas listed above. Water is permissible in gyms and the Kachel Fieldhouse.

The specific address for the Williams Center is:
907 W. Schwager Drive
Whitewater, WI 53190

The main campus address for anything shipping-related is:
UW-Whitewater Rec Sports
Attn: [Applicable Staff Member/Club Name]
800 W. Main Street
100 Williams Center
Whitewater, WI 53190

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