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Welcome to Roberta's Art Gallery! The gallery is currently open to the public Monday-Friday.

  • All exhibits and receptions are FREE and open to the public.
  • Attending certain events can earn students class credit.
  • If you would like to exhibit in Roberta’s Art Gallery, please contact us for a proposal request.

  • "Memoria" is an immersive gallery experience, designed to transport the viewer into an alternate dimension found between the past, present, and future, through ethereal glimpses of memories and the sacred ticking of time. The very essence of Memoria is an exploration of the vast landscape of human memory - chaotic, enigmatic, unknown yet familiar, shattered and pieced together. The looping and blurry labyrinth of contemplation beckons us to traverse a multidimensional mirror of recollections and emotions as we flow through this inexorable passage of time.
  • Artist: Will Timlin
  • Reception: January 30
    • Artist talk at 6 pm
    • Open house with light refreshments from 7-8 pm
  • Reception: Tuesday, February 27
    • Artist talk at 6 pm
    • Open house with light refreshments from 7-8 pm
  • Preview the exhibit
  • Artists: Leaders Igniting Transformation Whitewater Chapter
    • Leaders Igniting Transformation’s purpose is to build and hone the future of young melanated, Black, brown, and other marginalized students & youth as the next wave of leaders, activists, organizers, and policy influencers. Leaders Igniting Transformation accomplishes this through advocacy, leadership development, direct organizing, and year-round civic engagement. The purpose of Leaders Igniting Transformation is to build and maintain a multiracial coalition advocating to change campus policies that harm members of the campus community who have been marginalized. Leaders Igniting Transformation’s purpose is also to increase civic engagement on campus, especially for historically underrepresented voices. 

  • "Our exhibit endeavors to be a comprehensive exploration, presenting a curated selection of influential Black artists, musicians, poets, and writers, whose profound contributions have significantly shaped both Black and mainstream culture. Beyond art, we are excited to feature a special presentation on Black hair experiences, incorporating a dedicated Black hair salon. This unique aspect will delve into the intricate nuances of the Black community's hair journeys, adding a personal touch to the broader narrative."
  • Reception: Tuesday, April 16
    • Artist talk at 6 pm
    • Open house with light refreshments from 7-8 pm
  • Preview the exhibit
  • Artist: GG (Green Goodies)
    • GG, the self-taught artist behind Green Goodies, holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point. While teaching middle school, a diagnosis of Bipolar I redirected her to painting. "The Garden of 1000 Faces," her debut project, delves into consent, mental health, and the environment. Integrating her passion for education, GG live-streams painting sessions. Recognized by the Wisconsin Arts Board among the state's 50 Artists for 50 Years, GG fosters community through Femme Fam Art Jam, uniting 50+ talented women. When she is not painting she is usually catering to her chihuahua, Giorgio, or singing to her houseplants.

  • "Can I paint you?" — a simple query that opens a profound narrative within “The Garden of 1000 Faces.” This art project has resonated widely, gaining substantial online support and serving as a vehicle for normalized consent. Beyond capturing individual uniqueness, “The Garden of 1000 Faces” is a testament to fostering engagement, inclusivity, and an eco-conscious approach to creativity.
  • Are you a Warhawk student, alumnus, faculty, or staff? If so, you are encouraged to submit your own unfiltered photo to be sketched and featured in live stream videos to be projected in the gallery on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.  Warhawks can also submit their own independent music to be played in the background of GG's live sketching. 

February 15, 2024-March 20, 2024: Embodiment of Ebony: A Fusion of Art & Expression

January 10, 2023-February 9, 2024: Memoria

November 8-December 11, 2023: The Aesthetic Shape of History

September 25-October 20, 2023: The Wall: Witness to the War in Ukraine

August 17-September 15, 2023: Re/connections

July 5-28, 2023: Shades of Crimson

May 31-June 27, 2023: World of Warhol

May 3-12, 2023: TBD : Software Art

March 23-April 25, 2023: Walled Gardens

February 23-March 15, 2023: Adventures Abroad

January 18-February 16, 2023: Life in Light and Shadow

November 30, 2022-January 11, 2023: The Art of Becoming

November 1-22, 2022: UW-W Veteran Services Tattoos: Stories of Service

October 4-27, 2022: We Keep Us Safe

Gallery Purpose

To collaborate with campus departments, student organizations and community groups in coordinating and sponsoring exhibits.

Inspire individuals to explore their creativity and share their stories.

The Story of Roberta Avonn Fiskum

Donors: Robert and Yvonne Fiskum

Whether it was pottery, handwork, or graphic design, art played a large part in Roberta’s life, finally culminating with a graphic arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. At the time of her death, Roberta was an organist at Fontana Church, playing her last concert on July 4, 1993. A scholarship in the field of art and design has been established in her memory. Her mentor, UW-Whitewater art professor Amy Arntson, described Roberta as “an extremely creative, talented individual whose work showed a special sensitivity and intelligence.” It was the lifetime goal of Roberta to own an art gallery; therefore, her parents Robert and Yvonne Fiskum have funded this student art gallery in her memory. 

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