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As the heart of the campus experience, the University Center contributes to each Warhawk’s unique educational journey through student-centered environments, programs, events, and services.

  • To be a leader in building campus community.
  • To create memorable experiences for students and guests.
  • To be a leader among college student unions.
  • Integrity - We value personal commitment to honesty and truth.  We reflect this in our words and actions.
  • Accountability - We hold ourselves responsible for excellence in all programs and services, embracing change and encouraging innovation.  We anticipate and exceed the expectations of our customers and fellow team members.
  • Relationships - We value working together as team members, committed to helping one another reach our shared vision and goals.  We recognize the need to maintain balance in the various roles we assume in our lives.
  • Respect - We treat everyone like customers, including our fellow team members.  We smile, acknowledge, listen and communicate openly and honestly.
  • Diversity - We value the difference among people, and the open exchange of individual ideas and opinions.
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James R. Connor

Connor Conference Room (UC 259)

Dr. James R. Connor served the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater as a professor and chancellor from July 1974 through June 1991. During Chancellor Connor’s tenure at UW-Whitewater, enrollment grew from 8,150 to 11,000 students. Dr. Connor concentrated on diversifying the student body by recruiting and retaining an increasing number of minority students. In summarizing his concern for students, Dr. Connor stated, “I think we have created an environment of caring. We care about the students and celebrate their success, but if they fail, we all fail.”

Chancellor Connor aggressively pursued improvements on UW-Whitewater’s campus to ensure that students would receive the best possible education in state-of-the-art facilities. McGraw Hall, the 1988 University Center addition, the Upham Hall greenhouse, the Observatory, the Alumni Center, and the Williams Center addition were all important enhancements to the university. In bringing the dream of a multipurpose auditorium to reality, Dr. Connor was instrumental in developing the private support needed to build the $9 million Irvin L. Young Auditorium.

James R. Connor retired at age 62 from UW-Whitewater. As he left his position, he shared these words, “In the final view, students are what we are all about. Nurture them well, and they will not fail you nor the larger society in which they will take their places.” In April 1998, under the direction and leadership of Chancellor H. Gaylon Greenhill, the University Center was renamed and dedicated in honor of James R. Connor.

Dr. and Mrs. Connor continued with their generosity to UW-Whitewater and the University Center with additional donation toward this large meeting room and the balcony of the new University Center. Dr. Connor also served as an active participant on the project for the 2008 building renovation.

Zoë Connor Balcony  

This balcony is named in honor of Zoë E. Connor, wife of James R. Connor, who served as chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater from 1974 to 1991. During this time, Zoë was actively involved in university and community events; she particularly enjoyed student and other campus affairs. She served as a gracious campus hostess, eventually being appointed associate to the chancellor by the University of Wisconsin System president. Through the years, she and her husband were true partners on behalf of the university. This balcony exists as a result of her generosity to the project, and the naming is reflective of the important contributions Zoë E. Connor made to UW-Whitewater.

Robert and Yvonne Fiskum

Roberta Avonn Fiskum Art Gallery (UC 158)

At the age of 3, Roberta was enrolled in the Michigan Yamaha School of Music and continued to study the organ until the age of 15, when she became an organist at UCC Church in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. At the time of her death, she was an organist at Fontana Church, playing her last concert on July 4, 1993. Roberta was homecoming queen in high school, participated in track and tennis, and traveled throughout Central America, Mexico, and Peru. The art of those countries would inspire her creative nature.

Whether it was pottery, handwork or graphic design, art played a large part in Roberta’s life, finally culminating with a graphic arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. A scholarship in that field has been established in her memory. Her mentor, UW-Whitewater art professor Amy Arntson, described Roberta as “an extremely creative, talented individual whose work showed a special sensitivity and intelligence.”

It was the lifetime goal of Roberta to own an art gallery; therefore, her parents, Robert and Yvonne Fiskum, have funded this student art gallery in her memory. Robert W. Fiskum, a UW-Whitewater Foundation board member, was a coach and assistant professor in the health, physical education, recreation, and coaching department from 1965-1996. Yvonne E. Siats-Fiskum retired from Gateway Technical College in 2001 after teaching there for 32 years.

Jim and Pat Freer

Freer Boardroom (UC 260)

The Freer Boardroom is named in honor of Jim and Pat Freer in recognition of their generosity to the James R. Connor University Center Building Project.

In his 17 years of service as vice chancellor for administrative affairs, Jim facilitated the development of a master plan that resulted in construction of new and renovated buildings integrated with a beautiful landscape.

Pat served as executive director of the University Center for 16 years. Through her leadership and commitment to students, she guided the University Center, creating a community center in the heart of campus.

Ike Schaffer

Ike Schaffer Commons (UC 174)

A long-time friend, teacher and mentor of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Dr. I.W. “Ike” Schaffer dedicated 35 years of service to the university in coaching, teaching and administration. He served eight years as dean of students and director of admissions and six years as vice president for Student Affairs. He remained involved with the Whitewater community for almost 50 years.

Ike’s career at UW-Whitewater began in fall 1947, which meant moving his family from Champaign, Illinois, to their first home in Whitewater. Their two-story home was located on Graham Street, which is now a pathway and green space just northwest of the University Center.

Ike was initially hired as the coach and physical education teacher for Whitewater College High School, located in Old Main. One year later, he came the principal, while still coaching football, basketball, track and softball. In 1957, after completing his Ph.D. at Northwestern University in educational administration, Ike was appointed dean of students and director of admissions at UW-Whitewater. During this time as admissions director, the university underwent its most rapid growth and admitted its first international student.

From 1965 to 1971, Ike served the university as vice president for student affairs. He returned to full-time teaching in 1971 for the department of educational foundations and counselor education. One of Ike’s most pleasant memories came in 1981, during his last full year of teaching, when he was presented the W.P. Roseman Excellence in Teaching Award. In 1991, he was presented the first Student Affairs Student Development Pioneers Award.

Ike Schaffer retired in January 1982, and died on March 19, 1998. His warm smile and willingness to serve lives on in the Ike Schaffer Commons as friends and family recall his routine of putting on an apron and cooking pancakes for many of his neighbors.

Steve and Donna Summers

Summers Auditorium (UC 76)

Summers Auditorium is named in honor of Dr. Steve and Donna Summers. This naming is made possible through the contributions of their children, Steve, Andy and Christina. “Naming the University Center auditorium after our parents is an exciting way for us to recognize their long-standing involvement with UW-Whitewater,” said Andy Summers, a 1996 UW-Whitewater alumnus. “The auditorium will be a first-class facility for future generations of students to use.”

Donna Summers, a 1969 UW-Whitewater and Alpha Sigma alumna, co-owned and operated a preschool in the Whitewater community for 17 years. She also served as the acting director of the UW-Whitewater Children’s Center from 1999-2001. Dr. Summers began his career at UW-Whitewater in 1967 as a residence hall director after completing his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Eastern Illinois University. He also served as director of student activities and in 1973 completed his Ph.D. in educational administration at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
He was a student a airs administrator and faculty member at UW-Whitewater for over 40 years. He served as the University Center executive director from 1974-1991.

Dr. Summers served as the advisor to the Whitewater Student Government for more than 15 years. From the onset of the merger in the UW System in the early 1970s, he served as the advisor to the Segregated University Fee Allocation Committee. These advising roles displayed his passion and advocacy for the full participation of students in university shared governance.

View the list of donors who purchased seats within Summers Auditorium. 

John and Donna Surinak

Surinak Sun Lounge (Main Level, University Center)

John and Donna Surinak attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where John received a bachelor of business administration degree in management in 1967 and Donna earned a bachelor of science degree in elementary education in 1970. With the educational skills they honed at
UW-Whitewater, they grew a home-based business into a successful international manufacturing corporation.

The Surinaks have many fond memories of time spent as undergraduates socializing, studying and being involved in student activities in the University Center. They are proud to be UW-Whitewater alumni. John and Donna dedicate the Surinak Lounge as a place to enhance every student’s UW-Whitewater experience.

Ron Buchholz

Buchholz Conference Room (UC 268)

UC 268 is named in honor of Ron Buchholz. Ron’s 33-year career at UW-W was always student-centered. Ron served as the director of Career & Leadership Development from 2005-2021, the director of the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership from 2001-2005, the interim Dean of Students from 1999-2000, and the associate director of the University Center from 1984-2001. Even with his full-time positions on campus, Ron found the extra time to advise student organizations including advising Whitewater Student Government, the Southeast Asian Organization, Segregated University Fee Allocation Committee (SUFAC) and several fraternities.

Ron’s commitment to inclusion work was central to his career before it even had a name. His efforts brought to fruition included:
• Annual recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Day
• Founding of the Multicultural Education Center
• Founding of the PB Poorman Pride Center
• Design and implementation of the Warhawk Connection Center
• As the Interim Dean of Students, he was able to update the medical withdrawal process, student organization conduct policy and diversity education initiatives for students
• Creation of the ULEAD program that has served over 1,300 first-year students in their success and service to campus

Senior Class Gift

Senior Class Gift - Down Under

A class gift was collected for the University Center remodeling project. As of 01/01/2007 we have hit the $14,000 mark for gifts received for the UC Project. The students of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater gratefully acknowledge the sponsorship of the Down Under by the graduates of the classes of 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Donor Lists:


In the late 1930's and early 1940's, the Goal Post on Main Street, which later became Salamone's Restaurant, was a meeting place for students. In 1947, an old army barracks was moved from Camp Grant in Rockford, IL to Whitewater. The Post-War Building Fund donated $5,000 to help reconstruct the barracks, which then served as the first "student union."


As campus's need for a "union" outgrew the barrack, the first official student union was built off what was then called Graham Street (now the Walker Wyman Mall) for a total cost of $1 million.


A south addition, built onto the original 1958 structure to keep up with growing enrollment numbers, included a game room, bowling alley, and additional dining/event space - now called Warhawk Alley and the Warhawk Connection Center.


A second addition was added onto the University Center, extending the building across the Walker Wyman Mall to accommodate the UC's expanding needs. This addition included a large multipurpose room that is now called the Hamilton Room.


During a dedication celebration on April 25, the University Center was officially renamed the James R. Connor University Center, honoring Chancellor Emeritus Connor and his dedication to our campus and all students.


A $20.6 million renovation project for the James R. Connor University Center was completed, which added approximately 50,000 new square feet and remodeled approximately 47,000 square feet, creating "a place to see and be seen." This addition, based on universal design, included a 230-seat auditorium (Summers Auditorium), the Warhawk Connection Center, and the opportunity to create better customer traffic.


After an extensive research project featuring student and staff surveys and input from a branding committee, the University Center came up with a circular logo that represented the archway in the building's architecture and the diversity of the student body. This logo is still used today with slight modifications made in 2022.


A Student Affairs redesign of units brought Career and Leadership Development (now known as Student Activities & Involvement) and the University Center together administratively.

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