James R. Connor University Center

Résumé Printing, Copies, and Laminations

Need your résumé printed for the Career Fair? The UC has got you covered! Email your résumé in advance to InfoDesk@uww.edu.

Please indicate:

  • Number of résumés needed
  • Color or black and white preference

*Résumés are printed on high-quality, professional résumé paper

Need copies for a class presentation or project? Copies are available in 8.5x11” or 11x17” in black and white or color. We also offer lamination for special projects, certificates or documents.

Black & White 8.5x11” Copies $0.10
Color 8.5X11” Copies $1.00*
11X17” Color Copies $1.25*
Résumé Copy $0.25*
Résumé Color Print $1.15*
Résumé Paper $0.15 per sheet
8.5x11” or 11x17”

*All printing prices are per side.