Earning college credit in high school allows students to get a jumpstart on their college education.

UW-Whitewater welcomes qualified students from public and private Wisconsin high schools to apply for our early college credit program.

For additional details regarding this state program please visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

How to earn college credit in high school at UW-Whitewater

School counselors play an incredibly important role in helping students prepare for life after high school. We’re happy to provide any information you need about UW-Whitewater, including our Early College Credit Program.

Identifying Students

We always recommend that students thinking about taking a few college courses talk with their school counselor first. Many students, however, might not be aware this option is available. So, if you know of a bright and ambitious college-bound student, consider proactively presenting this opportunity.

Exploring Courses and Programs

As a school counselor, you can help your students figure out if early college credit at UW-Whitewater aligns with their schedule and post-high school academic goals as well as recommending which college-level classes might be a good fit based on their interests and academic ability.

We recommend that students have three to five course titles in mind when applying to the program; classes are available at our Whitewater and Rock County campuses.

Applying to the Program

After a student receives approval from you (or the school district) to earn college credits in high school, you can help them complete and submit their official application package to the University System of Wisconsin Early College Credit Program.

About college credit for high school students

Dr. Schramm dicussing earning early college credit with a high school student.

There are many reasons to encourage qualified high school students to apply for this program; here are some highlights you can share with your students and their families:

Advantages of college credit for high school students:

  • Prepare for the rigor of college courses
  • Acclimate to life on a university campus
  • Earn your degree sooner
  • Save money on overall college expenses
  • Discover programs

Early college credits, sometimes called “dual credits,” might also help fulfill a student’s high school graduation requirements.

To be eligible to earn early college credit at UW-Whitewater students must meet the academic requirements for their campus of choice:

UW-Whitewater Main Campus

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 or ACT score of 22 or higher

UW-Whitewater Rock County

  • Minimum GPA of 2.0

Here’s what your student will need to apply to the program:

  1. An undergraduate application for admission as a high school Early College Credit student
  2. A completed UW System Early College Credit Form [ Download PDF]
  3. High school transcript, which should include GPA, class rank and standardized test scores
  4. AP Scores (if available)
  5. Transcript including previous college coursework (if available)

All documents (high school transcript, test scores and Early College Credit form) must be uploaded to the student's UW System application. 


Apply to the program by:

  • July 1 for the fall term
  • April 1 for the summer term
  • Dec. 1 for the spring term

Questions? Contact us!

Allison Annala 

Whitewater Campus Advising
Brittany Holzhueter

Rock County Campus Advising
Stacy Randall

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