Financial Aid
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Step 4: Receiving Your Aid

Most financial aid will pay directly to your student bill; however, there are steps you need to take to make sure the aid will disburse.


The Financial Aid Office disburses aid every Monday and Wednesday evening.  The first disbursement for the semester typically runs the first week of classes.  The Cashiers Office will post financial aid to student bills the following morning and any remaining funds for eligible students are issued in the form of a refund later that day.  The first refunds of the semester are not released until the first day of classes.

Based on the type of aid you are receiving, there are different conditions that must be met in order for your aid to disburse to your student account.  All students must meet the following conditions:

  • Be enrolled at least half time (6 credits as an undergraduate and 4.5 credits as a graduate student) for most aid programs, including federal loans
  • Making satisfactory academic progress
  • Enrollment level must match award level
  • Must not have any outstanding documentation required with FAO


First-time borrowers in the Federal Direct Stafford Loan program must complete the first-time borrower requirements in order for their loans to disburse.  These requirements are to ensure that students understand their rights and responsibilities when borrowing federal loan funds.  Parents who are first-time borrowers in the Federal Direct PLUS Loan program must also sign a master promissory note.  Students and parents will be notified by email or letter on loan requirements they must complete.


Grants will automatically credit to your account through the disbursement process.  Students must be enrolled at least half time and must be maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.


Scholarship checks that have been mailed to the UW-W Cashiers Office may need to be endorsed by the student before the funds can be applied to their account.  UW-Whitewater and UW-W Foundation scholarships will automatically credit the student's account (as long as our office has been notified of the scholarship.)

Certain scholarships and grants are not awarded until after the semester has started.


If the amount of financial aid exceeds the charges on the student's bill, the student or parent will receive a refund.

  • A refund generated from the student's aid will go to the student.
  • A refund generated from a Parent PLUS Loan will go to the student or parent as designated on the Parent PLUS Loan application*.
    *Federal regulations determine the order that payments are applied to the student's account.  This may affect who receives the excess funds - the parent or the student regardless of your preference.

The Financial Aid Office encourages all students to sign up for direct deposit of refunds as this allows for faster processing of refunds. Students who do not have direct deposit will receive a check in the mail. Parents cannot sign up for direct deposit for PLUS Loan refunds. For more information, contact the Cashier's Office.

If you receive a refund that you would like to use to reduce your loan, please complete a Loan Adjustment Request Form for the appropriate term.


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