Campus Facilities Planning

Previous Plans and Studies

A key tool in long range strategic planning is the implementation of feasibility, programming and facility condition studies. Links to a few of the most recent studies can be found below. Also included are studies that provided information and were vetted during the campus comprehensive master planning effort completed in 2015.

Finally, a third type of plan included below are Pre-Design Reports (35% Design) for projects currently under construction or in the final design phases. These reports were presented to the Board of Regents and State Building Commission for permission to construct and may not fully reflect the final version that is being built, but do provide enough of the intent of the project to give you an idea of what to expect.

Campus Master Plan
15J1P Athletic Complex Buildings (Baseball and Football renovation)
17A1V UWW Athletics and Recreation Master Plan
11L2J West Campus Pre-Design Study
12H1D Esker Hall Feasibility Study
2012-2031 Residence Life Master Plan
UW-Madison Engineering Capstone Winther Hall Feasibility Study
15K2E Chiller Plant Study