James R. Connor University Center

Work at the UC

University Center

Want to join our team at the James R. Connor University Center? Read about our positions and then fill out the application below to be considered.

If you have any questions, please email UC Employment at ucemployment@uww.edu

All students that work on campus must complete the paperwork


  • Budget Intern
  • Financial Assistant
  • Financial Student Manager
  • Human Resource Intern
  • Project Intern
  • Vending Student Manager
  • Warhawk Pantry Student Assistant
  • HawkCard Office Assistant
  • Information Services Desk Attendant
  • Information Services Student Manager
  • Reservations Office Assistant
  • Tickets Sales Associate
  • Tickets Student Manager
  • Warhawk Alley Desk Attendant
  • Building Manager
  • Computer Tech Assistant
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Student Custodian
  • Set-Up Crew
  • Tech Crew
  • Warhawk Alley Pin Chaser
  • UC Graphic Designer
  • Dining Services Graphic Designer
  • UC Marketing Assistant
  • SAI Marketing & Social Media Intern
  • Video Production Assistant
  • UC Photography Assistant
  • Greek Intern
  • Homecoming Chair & Vice Chair Intern
  • Involvement Intern
  • Roberta's Art Gallery Assistant
  • Roberta's Art Gallery Student Manager
  • Roberta's Art Gallery Exhibit Lead
  • Roberta's Art Gallery Public Relations Intern
  • UC Live Intern
  • ULEAD/Professional Development Intern
  • Warhawk Connection Center Intern
  • Warhawk Alley League Coordinator
  • Warhawk Alley Tournament Coordinator